"55" or "55tchi" is a conjectural name for an unused Tamagotchi found in the files of Hoshi de Hakken!! Tamagotchi.

It's unknown what 55's name is or what their purpose was planned to be in the game. 55 seems to be in a somewhat unfinished state as well, many of their sprites for animations are placeholders.


55's appearance is of a pink robotic Tamagotchi, possibly based on Hashizoutchi or Kuchipatchi. They have long slightly curved arms along with a pointy jaw, their body has a line separating the top part from the bottom. They have a light yellow circle on their body and another on an antenna. On their back is the number 55 and what appears to be a jetpack.



  • 55's sprites are located below the angel character sprites and above the PiT and contest character sprites in the data.
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