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64 de Hakken Tamagotchi! Minna de Tamagotchi World N64 Cover.

64 de Hakken! Tamagotchi Minna de Tamagotchi World (64で発見!たまごっち みんなでたまごっちワールド Development 64! Tamagotchi: Everyone's Tamagotchi World) is a party video game developed by Hudson Soft and released exclusively in Japan in 1997 for the Nintendo 64. It is, in some ways, a spiritual predecessor to the Mario Party series that debuted the following year, which Hudson Soft would subsequently develop.

The game requires players to competitively raise their Tamagotchis against one another. The winning player's Tamagotchi evolves into a special character only available in the game, with a total possible 59 characters to obtain.

Another Tamagotchi party game, Tamagotchi: Party On!, was released 9 years later for the Wii. Unlike Minna de Tamagotchi World, it saw an international release.


The game is played with a total of four players. Each player selects one of several eggs that come in five colors and two patterns. The color of the egg determines the color the player will be identified under and the color their Tamagotchi will use throughout the game: White, Blue, Red, Yellow, and Green. The texture, checkered or plain, determines whenever the player will raise a Tamagotchi using the P1 evolution chart or the P2 evolution chart.

Players begin the game with 64 credits used to perform the various actions, such as feeding or giving medicine to their Tamagotchi, and successfully doing so will raise the evolution bar. More credits can be earned or taken from other players through events on the board spaces or through minigames. The game ends when a player raises their Tamagotchi to full adulthood and maximizes their evolution bar for the fourth time. If the winner is not a computer player, the game shows a cutscene of the winner's Tamagotchi evolving into a special character with Professor Banzo and Mikachu before returning to the Tamagotchi Planet. Said special character will be viewable in the options menu.

Failure to properly care for a Tamagotchi will result in it dying and the caretaker of that Tamagotchi losing the game. The game will end prematurely with an abrupt "Game Over" screen if every human-cared Tamagotchi is dead.


After rolling the die and landing on a space, the player is prompted with five options and a sixth "Cancel" option. Counter-clockwise the options and sub-options are:

  • Food
    • Meals (Rice ball, Steak, Carrot) - 3 credits each
    • Snacks (Candy, Cake) - 3 credits each
  • Game - 3 credits per play
  • Medicine
    • Syringe - 8 credits
    • Pill - 8 credits
  • Toilet - 3 credits
  • Discipline - 3 credits

There is a chance that another player's Tamagotchi will shove the current player's one out of the way and steal their food when the option is selected.


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  • The Tamagotchi toy's beeps are featured in the game, but its attention beep is lower-pitched than usual.
  • The game is infamous for its extreme incompatibility with the majority of existing Nintendo 64 emulators, generally crashing seconds within starting up or the near majority of the graphics rendered in corrupted states to the point of being unplayable. Whether an intense anti-piracy encoding or a joke retroactively played on international fans, it's funny in a weird way.




64 de Hakken Tamagotchi! Minna De Tamagotchi World Commercial

64 de Hakken Tamagotchi! Minna De Tamagotchi World Commercial

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