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A Day in the Patchi Forest (ぱっちのもりのある一日 Patchi no Mori no Ara Ichinichi) is the
fourth episode in the series Let's Go! Tamagotchi.

Kuchipatchi relaxing in the pool



Sunnytchi rises over thePatchi Forest, chanting "Sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun sun! Good Morning!". Within the woods, there is a cleared area where two tree stumps have been made into small pools. Kuchipatchi walks up and gets into the larger pool, where he surfaces and treads water while holding onto the edge near the front.

Usatchi runs by the pool snorting and babbling. Monkeytchi then comes by jumping in all the mud puddles. He disturbs Dorodorotchi. Dorodorotchi jumps out, looks around, confused, then retreats back into his mud puddle. Mushikuitchi blows into view, being chased and blown about by Sukimakasetchi. The screen scrolls left, where Mushikuitchi continues to be blown about until Sukimakasetchi whisks her away upwards.

The camera scrolls back to Kuchipatchi, where we see that Beartchi has joined him in the pool, but he appears not to notice. It turns from morning to evening, and the Sales Bird walks by, advertising some beverages, which are juice, milk, and coffee. She walks past the camera, and when she leaves, we see that the Beartchi has bought a bottle of coffee. He finishes the entire bottle in one gulp, exhales with an "AHHHH!", then leaves the scene.

By now, it is nighttime, and Kuchipatchi, who has been oblivious to all that has been going on around him during the day, takes no notice. Morikamitchi comes out from behind Kuchipatchi in the pool, while whispering "Foreeest...", then pokes Kuchipatchi and, then Kuchipatchi looks at him, Morikamitchi points up to the sky and says "Forest!". Kuchipatchi finally takes notice when Morikamitchi pokes him, it's night time. Then the screen motions for him to look into the sky. Kuchipatchi awes at the beautiful array of stars. Before the episode ends, a shooting star shoots across the sky.

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