A Huge Monster!? Reclaim The Garage! (巨大怪獣現る!? ガレージを取り戻せ! Kyodai kaijū genru!? Garēji o torimodose!) is the twenty-eighth episode of Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream and episode 171 of the overall show.


The girls decides to use Ikaritchi's garage as a place to practice for their new band, but a giant crab is resting inside.



At lunch, Mametchi is ready to hear from the girls on which instrument they've decided to use for their upcoming band. They group together and announce their instruments together, with a short solo of each instrument. Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi are the lead guitars, Pianitchi will play the piano, Memetchi will play the "cool" saxophone, and Himespetchi will play the drums. Together, the girls form to make the Kira Kira Girls. Mametchi and Kuchipatchi compliment the name as it fits everyone together perfectly. Yumemitchi then points out that today is the lottery day, to which everyone in Dream School is given their own rooms for their own uses. However, since so many people have wanted rooms, Dream School decided to start a lottery to pick a few amount of people to have a room.

A line is seen inside of the math classroom, and Naitotchi is spinning a roulette wheel. He rolls a ball with a star on it, which means he will be able to select a room. Naitotchi is proud to be able to get a room since, from his house, he usually gets shushed by his parents whenever he tries to practice his acting lines. After he rolls, the girls realize that only two rooms are left. Yumemitchi realizes that there are five girls in the band, so only one person from the five of them have to get a room.

Himespetchi comes up with the idea to read a fortune to predict who will be able to get a room. Unbeknownst of them, the fortune reads that they will get the worst luck. Each of the girls try to prove the fortune wrong at the roulette wheel, but they don't manage to get a ball with a star on it, meaning that they will have to pick a new place to practice.

As the Kira Kira Girls walk home, they all try to think of who's house to use for a new place to practice. Yumemitchi suggests her house, but with the amount of people in it, they try a different house. Both Himespetchi and Kiraritchi's homes are too small, while Memetchi believes she'll annoy the customers if they were to practice at Salon de Dream. Pianitchi suggests her house, but Yumemitchi would be embarrased to perform. Next, Pianitchi suggests the garage that Ikaritchi owned, since he had moved away in Ikaritchi's Truth. The girls decide to bring the idea to Mametchi.

At his home, Mametchi approves of the idea of letting the girls use the garage for practice. He told them that they could use the garage for anything they want, and that Ikaritchi allowed Mametchi to visit the garage at any time. Yumemitchi comes up with the idea of writing Tamamo letters to Ikaritchi as a report of what they do in the garage and as a thank-you note. With the plan in action, the girls decide to head to Ikaritchi's garage tomorrow.

The next day, the Kira Kira Girls band head out to Ikaritchi's garage after school. Kiraritchi opens the garage, but notices a strange flash of light inside. The girls are hesitant to enter, and are unsure of what is inside. Memetchi suggests that the girls head over to a window on one side, and Pianitchi looks inside to see what's inside. Suddenly, a large eye gazes at the girls out from the dark. The girls run all the way back to the Music Cafe in fear.

The girls all run back to the Music Cafe and warn Mametchi and the other boys about the "monster" that lived inside the garage, with a large eyeball. They all plead that Mametchi and the others come with them and see. At the garage, Mametchi, Nandetchi, Righttchi, and Kuchipatchi all head to the garage to confront the monster, as the Kira Kira Girls watch on. As soon as they enter the garage, Righttchi pulls out his flashlight and finds the monster living inside with sharp pincers. Mametchi, Nandetchi and Kuchipatchi all do their best to run back, but Righttchi almost looks brave, but he falls to the floor, fainting.

Righttchi wakes up after the incident and everyone is relieved. He says that he was petrified of the creature that lived inside the garage, because as a child, while he was building a sand castle at the beach, a crab bit his fingers and it latched on the entire day. He then decides to look up what the creature was, and he finds that it is a "Super Yadokaritchi", a hermit crab-like Tamagotchi that is very rare to see. After growing its old shell, it'll begin to look for a new home to live in; it will mostly choose sheds, vacant houses and vehicles because it feels almost similar to their old shell.

Everyone begins to think of ways to try and bring out the Super Yadokaritchi from Ikaritchi's garage and attract it to a nearby shed. Pianitchi comes up with the idea to play a song for Super Yadokaritchi on her Smapi, and ask it to come out. However, it begins to fall asleep. Kuchipatchi tries to lure in Super Yadokaritchi with a plate full of dumplings made by him and Chukatchi. He tries one out, but he gets caught up in the taste of it, that he begins to eat the whole plate. Next, Mametchi, Righttchi, and Nandetchi all try to lure in the Super Yadokaritchi by disguising as a young female Yadokaritchi, asking it to come out. Himespetchi then wonders if Mametchi put deep thoughts into the idea that him and the boys came up with.

As the idea does not seem to work, they try and move closer to it, but Super Yadokaritchi removes the disguise from the boys and toss it away, producing "obvious results" according to Memetchi. Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi decide to transform with the Yume Kira Bag in order to become a Tamapet trainer. The two girls transform, only to become geisha apprentices. Yumecantchi also gives the girls an item, a Tamapet translator! This allows for them to understand what Super Yadokaritchi is saying to them.

However, the Tamapet translator comes with a catch. The Tamapet translator must be mounted on top of the Tamagotchi's head in order for it to work. So the "geisha apprentices" turn to Yumecantchi to try and get the translator mounted on top of the Super Yadokaritchi's head since she can fly, while the apprentices will dance for Super Yadokaritchi and Pianitchi plays the piano (per the request of the apprentices).

As the Super Yadokaritchi enjoys the dancing from the two apprentices, Yumecantchi struggles to try and mount the translator on top of its head. Finally, she drops on its head and the music stops, leaving Super Yadokaritchi upset. The apprentices then ask why Super Yadokaritchi chose a garage, as Kiraritchi had pointed out that the garage is not vacant, as someone (Ikaritchi) had once lived inside it. Super Yadokaritchi reveals that the old container he lived in didn't have any windows, so he moved to the garage since he liked it. Pianitchi reasons that Ikaritchi wouldn't want to find out that a large Tamagotchi lived inside of his garage. Then, Righttchi adds the idea that everyone could add windows to the container that Super Yadokaritchi once lived in. The geisha apprentices then choose to take their leave.

Both the geisha apprentices award Yumecantchi for her hard work with soft-served ice cream. Meanwhile, everyone bids farewell to Super Yadokaritchi as it sails off with its container, now with windows. As a result of this, Righttchi had finally confronted his fear of clawed Tamagotchi, and a new location for the Kira Kira Girls to practice is now available for them to use!


  • This makes for the only episode to which Super Yadokaritchi makes an appearance.
  • This episode is the first of a new "season" in Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream, to which all of the characters begin to aspire musical interests, like forming a band and performing for an audience.
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