A New Spring Gushes Forth? Patchi Forest's Wagassierbon (新作わきでる?ぱっちの森のわがシェボン Shin saku wakideru? Patchi no Mori no Wagashebon) is part two of episode 9 of GO-GO Tamagotchi!. Along with part one, it is episode 230 overall. It first aired on May 29, 2014.

Plot Summary

Since the Tamagottsun, the Wagassierbon is now located in Patchi Forest. The reopening celebration is going to start soon, but Wagassiertchi is depressed because he cannot think of any recipe ideas. Patitchi asks Kuchipatchi to guide Wagassiertchi around Patchi Forest, hoping to cheer him up and give him ideas.

Kuchipatchi shows Wagassiertchi many of the different springs in Patchi Forest, but this doesn't cheer up Wagassiertchi. As they continue walking through the forest,Wagassiertchi suddenly falls into a pit that Onsenmoguratchi dug. A gyser bursts from the pit, and although it looks like mud, Kuchipatchi discovers that it's actually chocolate. Wagassiertchi is inspired and decides to make a new hot spring with a chocolate fountain. Many customers come visit Patchi Forest's newest hot spring and enjoy it. The Wagassierbon is open again, and it has new mimi chocolate fountains that customers can dip foods into, to coincide with the new hot spring. Everyone cheers for Wagassiertchi, and he is very happy.




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