A Puzzling Love Message in a Bottle (時ラブ?メッセージボトルで大混乱 Toki rabu? Messējibotoru de daikonran) is part 1 of episode 10 of Tamagotchi!.


Mametchi and his friends find an old message bottle in the river. The message was a timeless love letter! Who wrote this love letter, which became very popular with everyone of Tamagotchi Town?


Mametchi, Kuchipatchi, and Memetchi are walking down a path while wondering what to play. Kuchipatchi suggests they play soccer, but accidentally throws his soccer ball in the river. They chase the ball and manage to pick it up from the river, but Mametchi notices a bottle buried in the ground and goes to pick it up. As he notices a letter inside the bottle, Lovelitchi's parents pass by and the group brings the bottle to them. Lovepapalitchi and Lovemamalitchi explain the history of bottled messages, saying that in their time it was popular to write wishes and secrets in the bottle and toss it in the river to make it come true. However, people had thrown so many bottles in the river that it was considered pollution and the police forbade the practice.

Memetchi then says they should read the message, but Mametchi isn't sure if they should read someone's secrets. She convinces him to open it anyways and he ponders about the strange shape it's folded in after retrieving it from the bottle. They try to read it, but they're unable to understand what it's talking about so they pass it to Lovelitchi's parents. After reading it, they start crying, extremely moved by the passion of the love letter. They give it to Mememamatchi who was passing by and she immediately gushes into tears from reading it. The kids are shocked and confused as other passerbys close in to see what's going on.

Later on, all of Tamagotchi Town is talking about the love letter and a popular novel called "Time Love" has been written based of it. Lovelin goes around interviewing citizens about the book and the scene changes to her on a talk show with Teitokutchi and another host. They discuss who the writer of the letter could be as Mametchi's family watches at home. Papamametchi walks by the TV and is startled by what he sees on the screen. His family asks if he's okay, but he nervously assures them he's fine. The siblings continue watching TV which is now showing a contest led by Lovelin and Majorite, trying to find who can be "Mr. Time Love". Chamametchi asks Mametchi if Mr. Time Love is old as Papamametchi watches from a distance.

Eventually, a movie based on the letter is released starring Dreamitchi and Dazzlitchi which lots of people go to watch at the theater. The showings gradually have less and less watchers as everyone moves on from the craze and workers eventually take down the movie poster and banner. The next day, Tamagotchi Town has moved on to talking about the legendary love guitar which allows anyone to play love songs. They all buy the guitars and throw copies of Time Love into the trash. Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi walk through town and end up at the river, talking about how quick the love letter fad was and how they never found who the writer was.

At Mametchi house, Mamametchi brings a coffee to Papamametchi who is writing a letter. She talks about how the love letter fad is over and Papamametchi replies he's relieved as he believes that letters should be personal and only read by who they're for. Mamametchi agrees, but adds that if she received a letter like the Time Love letter then she would be the happiest person on the planet. They smile at each other and the scene pans to the letter Papamametchi was writing, shaped exactly like the one that was in the bottle and revealing him as the original writer.






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