A Reality Show! The New Tama Challenge / Escaping From The Mysterious Island (たまスペ!カメラは見た!/ ピンチ!南の島大脱出 Tama supe! Kamera hamita! / Pinchi! Minami no shima dai dasshutsu!) is episode 8 of Tamagotchi!.


TamaPtchi invites Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi to join Lovelin in a reality show where they must explore an island and find the legendary pirate treasure. However, something causes them to get separated from the camera crew! Can they escape the island?


At TAMAX-TV, TamaPtchi is inviting Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi to join Lovelin and the TV crew on the show "Finding King Gotchi's Treasure on a Deserted Island with Lovelin and her Friends". They gladly accept and Manenetchi mentions that she can't come as her signal won't reach that far, puzzling Mametchi. The Spacy Brothers sneak up to the group hiding behind a wooden cutout of a bush to eavesdrop on them. Spacytchi explains that if they steal the treasure they're looking for then they'll be on a shortcut to world domination.

Mametchi goes back home and asks his parents permission to go on the trip. Mamametchi is hesistant, not willing to let him and his friends go by themselves to a deserted island. However, Papamametchi says that children should be allowed to explore new places as it's a natural part of growing up. He walks over to look at his ship in a bottle and reminisces about his days as an adventurer sailing on a ship. He then turns to Mametchi and wishes him luck on his journey.

Later on, Mametchi and his friends are on a ship leaving the port waving goodbye to Mametchi's family. Chamametchi starts crying as she wants to go too, but Mametchi calms her down by promising to bring back something pretty for her as long as she behaves. The ship finally leaves the port and they all say their goodbyes.

The Spacy Brothers are seen on the ship hiding behind the same wooden cutout of a bush. Spacytchi explains their plan and says that they'll wait on the boat until they bring back the treasure. They'll then snatch it when no one is looking. After Mametchi passes by, he adds that they have to be careful and hide from their sight. At the front of the boat, TamaPtchi starts shooting for the show. The trio are nervous and look uncomfortable, with Memetchi saying that she's still not used to being on TV despite previous events. Turtletchi decides to turn the camera focus to Lovelin who effortlessly explains the show, impressing the trio.

They finally reach the island and take a small boat to get on the beach, analyzing the map to the treasure on the way. The Spacy Brothers watch them from the boat and Akaspetchi asks how they'll get off. Spacytchi responds they don't have a boat like them and Pipospetchi decides to take things into his own hands, grabbing the anchor chain and throwing the anchor at the beach. They run across the chain which breaks under their weight and fall into the water. The boat starts floating away from the island and the brothers get on the beach and proceed to run into the jungle.

The main group arrives at the second clue on the map which is the soap bubble tree. Memetchi squishes the flowers on the ground producing soap bubbles and Kuchipatchi does the same with a whole bushel of flowers. Mametchi tries reporting to the camera, but ends up overwhelmed by soap bubbles which envelop the whole crew. They end up escaping back to the beach and ADtchi suggests taking Cameratchi to the boat so he can rest and recover. However, he notices the boat is far away from the island and the adults decide to row the smaller boat to the main one to bring it back. They ask the kids to stay safe and promise it won't be long, but the kids are worried something might happen to them. Lovelin then suggests continuing the treasure hunt so they won't be bored and because they might not get another opportunity to do this. The group agrees and Mametchi reads the map to find the next clue, leading them to a narrow stone bridge over a chasm.

He hesitantly gets on the bridge and the other follow. As Kuchipatchi is about to get on, a bird walks behind him and screams, frightening him into running ahead and pushing everyone across the bridge. It then starts to rain so the group runs into the nearby ruins for cover. As Mametchi reads the map, Lovelin notices a pirate's skull drawn in and they consider the possibility of pirates living in the ruins. Kuchipatchi is frightened by the prospect of pirates and and accidentally steps on a booby trap tile, causing pirates (who are just mechanical dolls) to attack them. They then proceed to activate even more traps as they run away from the attacking dolls and projectiles. Eventually they end up in another room and the pirates' captain suddenly pops up and scares them. Lovelin notices the captain pointing at a cave in the wall and the group heads for it, but not before Lovelin and Memetchi has everyone change into the dolls' pirate clothes.

Meanwhile, the Spacy Brothers are resting on a stone statue, lost and not sure what to do next. Akaspetchi complains about the situation until the statue suddenly falls into the underground taking them with it. Once they land on the ground, they notice a giant stone puzzle in front of them. Spacytchi and Akaspetchi hit and bite at it until they get tired and give up. Pipospetchi then angrily solves the puzzle himself and the big stone column moves to reveal a treasure box. Before they could take it, menacing shadows appear in front of them, scaring them so bad that they run right back up the hole they fell in. It's then revealed that the shadows are just the group arriving in the room. They check the treasure chest and see that it's empty, disappointing them. Mametchi takes a closer look and picks up an old coin shaped like Kuchipatchi, noting that it must be from the olden times. Lovelin also notes that there's only one coin, meaning someone probably took rest of the treasure before them. Happy to have at least found something, the group leaves to return to the beach. Bagubagutchi stays behind for a bit to watch the floor open up, revealing stairs leading further underground. Mametchi calls for him to leave and the scene cuts away to show the stairs leading to another puzzle in front of a giant door, possibly guarding the actual treasure.

At the main boat, the TV crew lies exhausted until ADtchi remembers they were supposed to get Lovelin and her friends. The main group arrives back at the beach and Memetchi is sad that the boat isn't back yet. Mametchi then encourages everyone to work together as tama-friends so they can figure a way back to the boat. Bagubagutchi brings their attention to a soap bubble flower and Mametchi gets an idea to get them back safely. The group builds a giant bubble wand and gathers a lot of flowers to create a giant bubble to float them to the boat. The plan works and the bubble pops once they reach the boat, reuniting the kids with the TV crew as they shoot the whole thing.

The boat returns to the port and Mametchi happily greets his family as Papamametchi states how proud he is. Mametchi gives his captain hat to Hapihapitchi and the old coin to Chamametchi who gladly accepts it. At an interview, Shikaitchi reports the group didn't find the treasure, but Lovelin replies that they found something more precious than gems or gold. The group agrees and then puts their hands together, showing that the treasure was their deepened friendship.

The last scene shows the Spacy Brothers using a log as boat, trying to row all the way back to Tamagotchi Town as Akaspetchi complains about the heat and Spacytchi wonders what direction they're supposed to go.





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