A Rival's Bond (ライバルのきずな Raibaru no kizuna) is episode 98 of the original Tamagotchi! anime. It first aired on the 3rd of October, 2011.

The episode is written by Michiko Yokote.

TV Tokyo synopsis

The Tama-Friends are curious about the Tama Profys, and Tomomi has decided to join Tamagotchi School. Tomomi, who is skilled at studying and sports, quickly becomes popular among the students! Meanwhile, Kuromametchi and Tomomi have to work together to resolve trouble Doremitchi and Sopratchi got themselves in. (Source)






  • This episode marks the first Kizuna Tama Heart ever collected, and the second Tama Heart overall (the first Tama Heart was an Ancient type rather than a Kizuna type.)
  • The Kizuna Tama Heart appeared because of the new bond between Tomomi and Kuromametchi. It was later revealed that this Heart is called the Kuromame Heart.
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