Adobentchi (あどべんっち) is a male character that appears only in episode 136 of Tamagotchi!, along with Sufinkuizutchi. He is a good old friend of Gotchi King and enjoys adventuring, even though he apparently isn't good at it.

He says Bencha (ベンチャ) at the end of every sentence.

In the Anime

Adobentchi went into the caves long ago, because he wanted to adventure all the way to the end. Gotchi King waited for his return, but he never came back, so Gotchi King closed the gates to the underground caves.

When Mametchi and his friends go into the caves to search for the Crystal Crown, they meet Adobentchi. He looks very different from when he was younger; his clothes are torn and his hair has grown very large. His large hair is a burden, such as when he got trapped in a tunnel.

Mametchi used his intelligence to solve the puzzles and successfully get through the caves. Adobentchi was stunned at how soon Mametchi solved the puzzles. Adobentchi also accidentally pressed buttons that were booby traps, such as one that made a huge boulder roll through the corridor.

At the end of the episode, after Mametchi and the others return with the Crystal Crown, Gotchi King is delighted to see his friend Adobentchi again. However, Adobentchi wants to get through the caves by himself, and gets lost again.

Name Origin

Adobentchi's name fully translated means Adventure (アドベンチャー adobenchā), which explains where the word Bencha comes from.


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