Aguritchi (アグリっち) is a character that appears in episodes 21 and 22 of Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream.


Aguritchi is yellow in color with a long head. He wears a white tank top with blue stripes, a dark blue scarf, light blue pants, a brown fanny pack, and oval-shaped glasses. His hair is tall and green, similar to broccoli.


Aguritchi is kind and compassionate, and cares about his family. He loves plants and the ocean.

In the Anime

He was Ikaritchi's original homestay student, while studying oceanography at Dream School. The two had developed a close bond, working together on Ikaritchi's fishing boat. He also became friends with Pianitchi when she was young, though Pianitchi would later have trouble remembering his name and what he looked like.

However, one day Aguritchi received a letter from home; his father had fallen ill, and they needed help on the plantation. Not feeling comfortable telling Ikaritchi the truth, Aguritchi lied to Ikaritchi, telling him he was leaving to study abroad. Ikaritchi, who had seen Aguritchi as his apprentice, denounced him as a coward. Ikaritchi became bitter and cold afterward, though delayed finishing building his boat, secretly hoping Aguritchi would return.

While at home on the plantation, Aguritchi developed a special variety of apples, called "anchor apples" (いかりんご ikaringo), in honor of his former mentor. He maintained a blog about these apples, allowing Mametchi and his friends to track him down. They bring him back to Ikaritchi's house, where Aguritchi comes clean about what had happened. He and Ikaritchi finally make amends, while Mametchi earns Ikaritchi's respect.

With the boat finished, Ikaritchi decides to use his ship to spread anchor apples throughout the Tamagotchi Planet. After a warm goodbye, Ikaritchi sets sail while Aguritchi returns home.

Name Origin

"Aguri" comes from the English word "agriculture".

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