Genders and Releases:
Akachantchi boy sprite.png Akachantchi girl sprite.png

Akachantchi (赤ちゃんっち) is a baby stage character found exclusively on the Hanerutchi 2.


Akachantchi appears as a small sphere with three spikes of hair on top. It may be either black or white depending on the gender of the baby.


It will hatch from the egg, and can appear in any of the three groups. It can evolve into six different child characters depending on the group and gender of the baby.

Name Origin

"Akachan" is Japanese for "baby".


  • The female Akachantchi's name does not change. Both it and the male Akachantchi have the same name.
    • This is one of two occurrences of the female baby on a release having the same name as its male counterpart, the other being Petitchi on the Tamagotchi Music Star.
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