Amamelotchi (あまメロっち Amamerotchi) is a male adult-stage Tamagotchi character who is currently exclusive to the Sweets version of the Tamagotchi On. He can be encountered at Dolce Town.


Amamelotchi resembles a custard pudding topped with chocolate or caramel and strawberry sauce, as well as an orange cap shaped like a cream dollop. He has blue eyes, a frilled red shirt, and pink pants. He also carries a guitar on his back, which appears to have a brown checkered pattern on it.

Name origin

Amemelotchi's name comes from amai (あまい) meaning "sweet", and the word "melody" (メロディー merodii). His name means "sweet melody" and is a play on the word "sweet" referring to either desserts or the sound of his music.

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