Anime TV de Hakken!! Tamagotchi (アニメ TVで発見!! たまごっち, lit. Found on Anime TV!! Tamagotchi) is a Japanese-only anime series which aired from July 7, 1997 to March 21, 1998 on Fuji TV. A total of 27 episodes were released on TV, although only episodes 1-9 are associated with the VHS, "Video de Hakken!! Tamagotchi".

The series bears a resemblance to Digimon but without the battling, and is about the adventures of Tamagotchis and their human friends. It only features classic characters like Mametchi and Mimitchi. The art style is very different from the modern animes. There isn't any dialogue except for incomprehensible gibberish.

List of Episodes

Episode 1

In this episode, it shows the growth of Tamagotchis on the P1. They start as hungry Babytchi, and then become Marutchi after being fed. As Marutchi, they make poo, and a duck cleans it up. (The duck was the original icon for cleaning up poo.) They evolve once again into the 2 teen characters, Tamatchi and Kuchitamatchi. The Tamagotchis start to fight, but they are disciplined, and they stop. Then they evolve into the many different adult forms. After this, Maskutchi starts to feel weird, and becomes Oyajitchi, who scares everyone away.

Episode 2

In this episode, Ginjirotchi, Tarakotchi, and Kuchipatchi are reading a book, and are enjoying it. Maskutchi sneaks up on them and tries to read it, which scares them. This happens a few times, until Ginjirotchi tries to give Maskutchi the book so he can read it himself. However, Maskutchi refuses, and runs away. Later, while Kuchipatchi, Ginjirotchi, and Tarakotchi are eating lunch, they hear Maskutchi laughing. He is reading the book, and they laugh along with him.

Episode 3

In this episode, Ginjirotchi and Mametchi are eating at a restaurant. Mametchi thanks the Kuchipatchi who served them their food, but afterwards, the food is gone. Mametchi tries to figure it out, and peeks at his plate while thanking the waiter. He finds that Nyorotchi is eating the food when he isn't looking. When the dessert comes, Mametchi moves his food away, and Nyorotchi comes after it. Nyorotchi chases Mametchi until he finally gets the food. He then gets sick, and 2 doctors come to help: Tarakotchi and Maskutchi. Tarakotchi gives Nyorotchi a shot, which makes him feel better. Then all the Tamagotchis sit and eat together.

Episode 4

In this episode, Mametchi is controlling traffic. He tries to help a Tamagotchi back up, but then he backs into another car. Then Mametchi tries to get a Tamagotchi to move forward, an a similar thing happens. Later, lots of Tamagotchis stuck in traffic, because Mametchi is not doing his job, and instead he's eating rice in the middle of the road. He gets back to his job, but traffic starts moving faster, and Mametchi gets tired. At night, the Tamagotchis are stuck in traffic again, because Mametchi is sleeping in a bed on the road.


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