Appearance! Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi (登場!ゆめみっちとキラリっち Tōjō! Yumemitchi to Kiraritchi) is episode 1 of Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream, the debut episode. It first aired on September 10, 2012. The creator of the episode is Matsui Aya.

In 2014, several scenes in the episode were used for the Tamagotchi Friends webisode series. They were split into two episodes.[1][2]


Mametchi, a young inventor, arrives in Dream Town. There, he goes to an place known as Dream School, an academy dedicated in fulfilling people's dreams. Meanwhile, two girls share the same goal of fulfilling their dreams to become great idols.


The episode begins at a glamourous manor. A butler seen is cleaning a limousine and a lady is seen tending to her garden. The scene switches to the inside of a young girl's room. She makes finishing touches to her appearance while looking at a mirror, then headed out the manor. The butler turned to the girl to say good morning to her, revealing her name is Yumemitchi. Then she tells him that he'll be heading out, also revealing that his name is Butlertchi. He wishes her a safe trip. Yumemitchi then walked up to the lady to say bye, who is her mother. She gladly says bye to her, then Yumemitchi leaves. The mother decided to have some herbal tea.

The scene switches to a shop known as Kira2 Tamamori. A girl leaves the shop, then runs off through a street. She takes a flyer from a nearby clown person, reading about a circus. Then the scene switches to a local street tram stop, where Yumemitchi is waiting. The girl from the Tamamori shop arrives by her to say hello to her. She says hi back to her, and revealed the girl's name is Kiraritchi. Yumemitchi asked if she practiced Mr. Micchi's choreography. Kiraritchi says she did, and tells Yumemitchi the two can practice more later.

Meanwhile in the skies, an airliner flies by, and Mametchi, along with his friends: Memetchi and Kuchipatchi, are onboard. Mametchi reads a small book detailing about Dream Town: A town surrounded by the ocean waters, shaped like a flower with rainbow petals. Turning a page, shows the three's location of interest: Dream School. With the three feeling excited about it, Mametchi hopes they can make new friends there.

At Dream School, where the trio are going to attend, lunch time begins. At an outdoor cafeteria, Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi are reading a magazine page about the D2 girls, the two idols the two adores very much, respectively. They talked about their bags which makes them cuter. Kiraritchi then points out to the Dorikawa Cards that they use, known to make them like "fashion experts." Yumemitchi reads that a new song is going to be sung by the D2 girls. The two girls adored the D2 girls so much, because they are great at singing and great at dancing. Yumemitchi likes Daisy and Kiraritchi likes Dahlia. And two then wished they could become popular as much as the D2 girls.

Above the cafeteria, on a catwalk, Mametchi and the two are looking for the principal's office to get enrolled in Dream School. Suddenly, a masked figure appears behind them, surprising the three. The person introduces himself as the Dream School's Masked Principal, and he leads the three to his office.

Arriving inside the principal's office, the principal explains about Dream Town. He says it a town where it supports people's dreams and encourages people to follow them. On Dream Town and Dream School, the two share the same goals. The masked principal kindly asked what dreams the three will accomplish. But the three were uncertain as they didn't said anything about. Regardless, the principal encourages the three to study aboard the school to find the dream they hope to achieve. From now on, the principal gives them each Dorikawa Cards which assigns them to their homestay residences.

Afternoon classes start and the scene changes to a dance class as the point of interest. Everyone in class practice their dancing with the teacher, while he spots all the flaws and mistakes. The teacher also tells all of them that they must perfect their dancing skills. The more they try harder, the more appeal they shall give off.

Meanwhile, Mametchi and Memetchi are on board a tram bus waving goodbye to Kuchipatchi. Kuchipatchi heads towards his destination, somewhere in a Chinatown district. Reading his Dorikawa Card, he is looking for a place called "Dream Hanten." Apparently, it's right next to him, and he became extremely excited that it looks like a restaurant. Entering inside, a chef welcomes the visiting Kuchipatchi, then recognizes he is a Dream School student. The two are introduced to each other, then Kuchipatchi's stomach grumbles. Luckily for him, the chef tells him that the kitchen is about to have a late lunch.

Next, Memetchi heads for her destination. She arrives at a beauty parlor known as "Salon de Dream." Entering inside, she says hello to everyone. Two beauticians recognizes her and welcomes her. Memetchi tells that she loves swirly hairs and asks if there are any styles of it. They agree to some to her, but the meantime, the two asks Memetchi to help out in their parlor.

Finally, Mametchi heads for his destination. He heads to an isolated house on a coastline. Mametchi rings the doorbell, but gets no response. So he decided to wait. Then, scraping sounds are heard. And Mametchi follows it to the source. He heads into a garage in the back of the house. Inside, he see a boat construction and see someone sculpting wood. Mametchi comes up to him, introducing himself as a student of Dream School and being part of the homestay program. Unfortunately, the person doesn't have his attention. But Mametchi tells him that he is now in his care. However, the person tells him he does not remember having foreign students.

Mametchi shows him the Dorikawa Card. Questioned, the person, later revealed to be named Ikaritchi, comes up to his phone to talk to the principal about Mametchi staying beside him. After being told he is supposed to have him under his care, he tells them that he does not care about it and hangs up the phone. Getting back to work, he ask why is he still there, prompting the nervous Mametchi to leave. But apparently, he says that he allows him to stay beside him, only to follow a few rules. Mametchi was relieved to hear that. Then he got a flashback, where the principal says that their homestay resident will be their new family in Dream Town while they study aboard Dream School.

The sun sets at Dream School and Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi practice dancing. After they finish up, Kiraritchi says she wants to go to a circus that came into town. Yumemitchi agrees to go with her. But when they arrived, the circus is closed. Yumemitchi thinks they must have been finished for today. Kiraritchi became disappointed. But Yumemitchi tells her that they can see it tomorrow.

Suddenly, an old lady appears. Noting the two for coming to the circus, she offers them to have their fortunes read. The two agrees to have their fortunes read by her. Arriving in the old lady's small tent, the lady tells what fortune she would like to predict. The two girls tell her if their dreams shall come true. The lady wants to know more about it. Then the two girls tells her that they want to become famous idols. Agreeing, the lady focuses into her water-filled basin to predict their fortune. After receiving the fortune, she tells them that if they continue to follow their dreams, it will show itself in time. Kiraritchi became excited that it shall come true. But Yumemitchi exhibited a bad feeling if it won't come true. The lady told them it only depends on the effort they give it. Leaving the tent, Kiraritchi says it's one strange fortune. And Yumemitchi hoped that their dreams shall come true either way. Then Kiraritchi tells her that they should go see the circus tomorrow.

Morning arrives at Dream School. In a local class room, a male professor introduces Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi, winners of the "Robot Soccer Tournament," to his students. The three expressed their greetings to the class. Then the professor briefly explains the backstory of Dream School where it is an educational institution dedicated to help students fulfill their dreams. Then he kindly ask the three to find seats.

Mametchi sits next to Yumemitchi, Memetchi sits next to Kiraritchi, and Kuchipatchi sits next to a girl. Then, Mametchi looks to his left and recognizes his "friend," Spaceytchi, which surprised him. Creating an unnecessary commotion, Memetchi and Kuchipatchi also happily recognized him. The professor in class then became interested that Spaceytchi knows Mametchi and the others. He nervously replied that he came from Tamagotchi Town, where the three also live. So then he nervously greeted the three. Thinking to himself, he had made a new plan to conquer Tamagotchi Planet, only to never realized his "friends" came aboard to study at school.

At the cafeteria, Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi, talked about their homestay residences; Kuchipatchi's Dream Hanten serves very tasty food and Memetchi's Salon de Dream showed her efficient hair swirling techniques. Mametchi sighed, and Memetchi and Kuchipatchi asked what his residence looked like. He says it's right by the sea and has a boat garage. Then he tells about the old man (Ikaritchi) making a boat by himself. Memetchi and Kuchipatchi are impressed. And Mametchi laughed sarcastically.

Nearby, Spaceytchi and his two brothers observe Mametchi and the two while hiding in a bush. Akaspetchi acknowledges the three are at the school and Spaceytchi thinks the three are "catching on to their plans" and might try to "stop the them." Pipospetchi suggests a plan. But Spaceytchi says that his plan isn't subtle and should try something else.

Later, Dream classes have started. Mametchi and Memetchi are in a local cooking class watching Kuchipatchi cooking something. They see that eating isn't only Kuchipatchi's talent, but cooking food as well.

Elsewhere, Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi are now heading out to the circus. However, the girls end up seeing a crowd of people running away frightened. Wondering about it, they head inside to see what is going on. Apparently, a lion appears to be throwing a fit of rage. The circus ringmaster, who identified the lion as Liontchi, tries to calm him down as he and the other performers tries to pull the thorn that is stuck in his paw. A clown person watches in horror, and the girls ask what is going on. He says that Danchoutchi, the circus ringmaster, is trying to pull out a thorn stuck on Liontchi, but he has gone mad because he is now in pain. Now Danchoutchi and the other performers are having a difficult effort getting the thorn off of it.

Danchoutchi the ringmaster tries to make his move to pull the thorn out. But Liontchi still continues to go mad. He runs into a ball which hit and knocked down a young clown person. Turning its attention to the clown, it makes a threatening move on the clown. Terrified that the clown, who is named Chibi Pierotchi, is going to be mauled, Danchoutchi tries to have everybody distract Liontchi. Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi have to do something about it. So the two girls come up to Liontchi, and started dancing and singing.

As Liontchi gets engrossed with the display, Danchoutchi uses the chance to run up to him, and pulled the thorn out of him. With the thorn out of Liontchi, he became calm again. Danchoutchi and the performers thanked the girls for helping them out. And Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi were delighted. Elsewhere, the same old lady observed the two girls action. Then later on, the circus is back on again. And everyone, including Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi, watched the performances.

The circus finished at sunset. And the two girls leave while conversing about the circus. Then the two girls suddenly see the same old lady. She requests that the two girls should come with her. Returning to the tent, the lady presents the girl two bags. The two girls wondered what they were. The lady tells them that they are "mysterious bags" that help fulfill dreams. Yumemitchi says that they can be like D2 by bring it along with them. However, the lady tells them that they have to "master them," which they must find it out on their own. She also explained that other people who used the bags never discovered its secret and their dreams never came true. And then she asked the two girls if they're going to use them. The two girls agreed. Then the lady asked them to open the bags. Opening it, the girls find Dorikawa Cards inside of it. Then the two wondered.

Night falls. At the Dream Hanten the chef and his staff members hold a welcoming party for Kuchipatchi with a feast. At Salon de Dream, a woman screams. Upon close inspection, Memetchi apparently put on too many curls on the woman. However, she abruptly says it's wonderful; irony insures. And at Ikaritchi's house, Mametchi eats dinner with Ikaritchi. Mametchi tries having a friendly conversation with him, but gets creeped out with his attitude. The episode ends with Mametchi being hesitant with his new life.





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