Applitchi (アプリっち) is a character that debuted on the Tamagotchi On mobile application.

Name Origin

Applitchi's name comes from the English word "application", in this case referring to mobile applications, also known simply as "apps".


Applitchi has a yellow, rectangular body, similar in shape to a cell phone or tablet. Its face and tuxedo are projected from a screen on the front. It has turquoise eyes, a pink beak, and a tuft of curly hair, and wears a gray suit, a red bow tie, and a gray hat. It has gray arms and legs, and carries a wand with a red star at the top.


Applitchi is a kind, helpful, and informative Tamagotchi. It is a gracious host, and is very interested in the love lives of others.

In Media

Tamagotchi On App

Applitchi appears as the loading screen indicator, and appears throughout the tutorial graphics and help menu. It serves as the host of Tama Party, commentating on the Tamagotchis' actions throughout. While Okazarutchi was an available marriage partner, Applitchi was replaced with Yabetchi.



  • Applitchi's shape greatly resembles to Manenetchi.
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