Are You Serious? The Fastest Rainbow Sleigh Ever! (『シンケン!レインボーそりっち作戦』Shinken! Reinbō zoricchi sakusen) is part 1 of episode 4 of Tamagotchi! .


Mametchi watches a DVD of Gotchiman late at night and ends up waking up late and being late to class. After a failed attempt of following Kikitchi's shortcut to school, Mametchi builds his own shortcut in the form of a rainbow sled from his house to the school. The Spacey Brothers get lost in the underground trying to take a shortcut in taking over the world.


Mametchi watches a DVD episode of Gotchiman at midnight--consisting of Gotchiman stopping Black Hat from his destructive rampage. Later that morning, Mamametchi calls out to Mametchi to wake up for school. Upon awakening, he realizes he overslept and proceeds to rush; eating his breakfast quickly and leaving right away. Mamametchi and Papamametchi weren't satisfied when Mametchi didn't say good morning to them, but Mametchi returns shortly to say it and leaves right away.

Rushing his way through town, he makes to Tamagotchi School and arrives at Ms. Perfect's classroom, but comes in during a math session. Mametchi apologizes for being late. Ms. Perfect pointed out to him that he is never late for class, but calmly tells him to go take a seat. As he walks to his table, students around him are all murmuring at him on how he was late, causing him to become nervous with all of them staring at him. Memetchi then asks what happened, Mametchi replied that it was nothing.

After school ends, Mametchi ensured to his friends that he won't be late again. Memetchi suggests that he makes an alarm clock so that he won't wake up late for class. Kikitchi also suggests that he should use a 'shortcut' to class while he's at it; he demonstrates to him that he can just jump over a wall to get to school quicker. But Mametchi says the wall is too high for him to jump over. Kikitchi insists that he tries it out anyways.

While trying to get over the wall, the Spacy Brothers spy at the gang from behind a wall corner. Spacytchi wonders what they are doing and Akaspatchi replies that they must be looking for a shortcut. Spacytchi liked the theory shortcut and thought to himself of coming up with a shortcut to conquest Tamagotchi Planet. He then turns attention to a manhole they are standing next to. He suggest that they must conquest the 'underground world' and then jumps in. The other two brothers follow him down.

As the gang follow Kikitchi, he jumps over a river, but the gang stopped there due to their inability of jumping high. Memetchi tells him that they can't keep up with him at his pace. Mametchi says the shortcut wasn't ideal and asks to forget it about. Then, the gang sees a rainbow in the cloudy skies, amazing them. Mametchi eventually gets an idea looking at.

Night falls, and Mametchi is building a device in his room. Chamametchi and Hapihapitchi comes in, telling him that it's very late night. Mametchi tells her that he is building a device called the "Rainbowsleightchi," a sleigh that can slide on a rainbow. Chamametchi and Hapihapitchi becomes interested and want to try it. Mametchi says he'll let them once he's finished with the device.

Meanwhile, the Spacy Brothers are in an underground sewer on their way to conquest the "underground world," where they get lost. The next morning, Mametchi builds a slide around town to support his Rainbowsleightchi device, while Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, and Gozarutchi help out. Back at the Spacy Brothers, they're lost under the sewers whereas they encounter a dead end. Wondering what to do now, the gang looked around and see some pickaxes set aside. They use them to start digging through the pipelines to make their own "shortcut."

Mametchi and the gang eventually finish the Rainbowsleightchi slide. So Mametchi proceeds to use the sleigh to ride it. However, Mametchi realizes that the sleigh needs to be put on the slide, much to everyone's dismay. The Spacy Brothers still continue digging. Back at the gang, everyone starts lifting the sleigh onto the slide. With the sleigh in place, Memetchi tells him that they will all be waiting for him at school and head out. Mametchi thanks all of them for their help.

Mametchi starts up the rainbow sleigh and sets it in motion. The sleigh slides fast and eventually reaches school. Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, Chamametchi, and Gozarutchi eventually see him and clamors for him. However, Mametchi realizes that he forgot to install brakes on the sleigh, shocking everyone in surprise.

Later, the Spacy Brothers resurface from digging and find themselves on a patch of side grass in the middle of a roadway. Out in the distance, Mametchi's runaway sleigh approaches the brothers, eventually involuntarily hitching a ride in surprise. As the sleigh speeds, everyone eventually lands in a small park lake. The brothers get knocked out, while Mametchi remarks his plan was a bad idea and probably should just wake up earlier.





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