AsaDoratchi (朝ドラっち) is a character exclusive to the TamaOtch.


AsaDoratchi resembles a sun. It has an round, orange body with uneven, yellow points around the outside. It has oval-like eyes with black pupils, and red lips. It has a narrow body with arms and legs, which is small enough that its face completely conceals it from the front and side.


AsaDoratchi can be obtained either at the Debut or Active stage. At the Debut stage, it is obtained from Ashitchi through playing all training games at least three times each. At the Active stage, it can be obtained from Mochimotchi if all training games are played, but one of them is played more frequently than the others.

AsaDoratchi sleeps from 8pm to 8am and its stage time is from 8:30am to 9am.

Name Origin

AsaDoratchi's name is coined from Asa, which is the Japanese word for "morning". "Dora" comes from "dorama", the Japanese transliteration of "drama." Together they mean "morning drama", which is a reference to a popular Japanese TV series.


Asadoratchi sprite.png


  • AsaDoratchi performs on stage at 8:30 AM, making it the only character on the TamaOtch that performs on stage during the morning, as opposed to the evening.


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