Asobutchi (アソブっち Asobutchi) is a male adult who debuted on the Hanerutchi 2.


Appearances in Virtual Pets

Hanerutchi 2

Asobutchi is the representative of the Taiiku Group. He can evolve from either Choushutchi or Babatchi after 72-84 hours. He can be obtained in two ways; the first being when the Phys. Ed GUT category is higher than the Phys.Ed and Music GUT categories; the second being if all three GUT categories are at the same number. Asobutchi will graduate from school 48 hours after evolving from either of the two teens and then will be able to get a job depending on his GUT points, and whether or not Gogobuchou accepts him during the interview. 24 hours later Otokitchi will show up with a mating partner. However, if he does not mate by the age of 16 then he will evolve into Morinoshintchi. Asobutchi sleeps from 10 PM to 9 AM, has a base weight of 10 grams (citation needed) and is of low maintenance. If Asobutchi has over 200 Phys. Ed GUT points before graduating from Phys. Ed class and gets the Phys. Ed job at the top of the list of options and then 999 Phys. Ed GUT points within 3 days of having a job then he will become Bakabondotchi.

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