Babatchi (馬場っち)
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Babatchi (馬場っち) is a Hanerutchi character based on Baba Hiroyuki, a Japanese comedian and cast member of Haneru No Tobira. Babatchi appeared on the Hanerutchi 1 and its Entama-inspired remake, the Hanerutchi 2.


2005 artwork

Babatchi resembles a man with a tuft of green hair, glasses, and a black suit with yellow stockings. In his 2006 artwork, he looks younger since he is a teen rather than an adult on the Hanerutchi 2, and he has spiky hair. He also has a belt, black trousers and shoes.


Hanerutchi 1

Babatchi is an adult stage character who appears in odd generations and is obtained from bad care. He sleeps from 11 PM to 10 AM, although it is possible to put him to sleep at 10:30 PM.

Hanerutchi 2

Babatchi is the male teen in the Taiiku Group who is obtained from bad care (four or more care mistakes). He evolves from Takigamino Ryousuketchi and into either Piotchi with high Music GUT points, Asobutchi with high Phys Ed GUT points, or Kyashatchi with high Comedy GUT points. He wakes and sleeps at 9:00 AM/PM and has a base weight of 10 grams. He is of average to low maintenance and will evolve after 72-84 hours.


  • Babatchi is one of two Hanerutchi characters to not be inspired by a skit from Haneru No Tobira, the other character being Mugatchi.
    • Coincidentally, both characters were the two bad care adults on the Hanerutchi 1.

Name Origin

Babatchi's name is a reference to Baba Hiroyuki.

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