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Bagubagutchi (ばぐばぐっち Bagubagutchi), also known as Barkbarktchi or Bagbagtchi, is the Mame Family's Tama Pet. He appears as a Mame Family member in Tamagotchi Connection Version 5, and is adoptable on Tamagotchi iD L. He also appears on the Tamagotchi School.


Bagubagutchi resembles a dog and a bag. He has a blue body with a square-shaped, bag-like head with papers in it. He has a tag attached to the side of his head. He has a yellow spot on the left side of his face, dark round eyes, and a small round nose.


Bagubagutchi is very smart and can do Mametchi's homework for him. He carries Mametchi's things for him. If someone puts a dog tag on him, he'll follow the person that put the dog tag on everywhere.

In the Anime

Bagubagutchi appears in the feature film, Tamagotchi The Movie, where he is often seen with Mametchi in his laboratory or room.

He also appears in the Tamagotchi! anime series. In one episode, he raced against other Tama Pets and won.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi School

Bagubagutchi is student #074. His favorite subject is drama.

Tamagotchi iD L

Bagubagutchi appears in Donuts Park from 10am-11:59am. The player can choose to adopt him.

Name Origin

Bagu most likely comes from baggu (バッグ), meaning 'bag'. On the other hand, Bagu might also mean the sound of a dog barking.



  • His dog tag says 豆 (Mame), since he is in the Mame family.
  • Bagubagutchi can only say "Bagu bagu" or "Bark bark"!
    • In the Cantonese dub, however, his voice is mimicked to sound like normal puppies.
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