Bakabondotchi (バカボンドっち Bakabondotchi) is a special male adult found in the Hanerutchi 2.


Bakabondotchi resembles an adult male human. He has black hair pulled back into a ponytail and sideburns. He has a large L-shaped nose and big red lips. His eyes are closed and he has thick eyebrows. He also has red cheeks. He wears a blue-grey kimono, a dark blue-gray hakama, and sandals. He holds a sheathed katana.


Hanerutchi 2

Bakabondotchi is in the Taiiku Group and is obtained from Asobutchi. When Asobutchi graduates from school, the user needs to ensure that he has at least 200 Phys. Ed GUT points so he can get the job at the top of the list. Then the user has 72 hours to raise his Phys. Ed GUT points to 999. If the user is able to do this sufficiently, Asobutchi will evolve into Bakabondotchi.

Name Origin

Bakabondo is the name of a skit from the show Haneru no Tobira. The skit is likely a parody of a Japanese manga called Vagabond (バガボンド). Bakabondo replaces baga (バガ) with baka (バカ), meaning "idiotic" or "stupid".


Bakabondo haneru2 sprite.png
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