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Bandai is a Japanese toy company who created the Tamagotchi franchise. They created the original version of Tamagotchi in Japan of 1996, then later released it across the seas in 1997. As the toy became a successful fad, Bandai continued on the franchise with sequels, spin-offs, toys products, and animation.

Bandai later merged with Namco to form Bandai Namco. The Bandai became a subsidiary of its merger company, specializing its role on producing toys. Bandai still continues to create Tamagotchi merchandise.

Bandai Co., Ltd.

Bandai Co., Ltd.

Bandai Co., Ltd. is a company in Japan that produces the Tamagotchi toys and games, as well as other anime/non-anime toys, and model kits. Since 2006 it has become a part of Namco Ltd. but remains as the company's head of Toys and Hobbies. It has several business units under it which manage Tamagotchi in several different ways including:

Bandai USA

The division that controls the products that are released in the United States. Currently, new Tamagotchi products have not been released in North America since 2011. They mostly focus on Power Rangers and more.

Bandai Visual, Co. Ltd

Producing and maintaining several anime series aired in Japan, including Tamagotchi!, the anime has aired nearly 200 episodes, some have been dubbed and released in other countries.

Bandai Entertainment, Inc.

Like Bandai Visual, but only in charge of maintaining the content and merchandise released in North America.


A producer of trading card games for many anime series in Japan. Tamagotchi has its own line of Carddass trading cards that are constantly being updated as new characters and features are added.

Namco Bandai Games Namco Bandai Games is a video game development division that produces and distributing video games based on the various series owned by Namco Bandai. It has sub-divisions that are in charge of releasing merchandise for their respective regions of the world.

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