Batora (バトラ成虫 Batora Seichū) is an adult character exclusive to the Mothra Tamagotchi.


Batora appears mostly black, with angry eyes and two wings, which are much pointier than Mothra Leo or Fairy. Four legs are visible, as well as one horn on his head.

On Virtual Pets

Mothra Tamagotchi

Batora is an adult evolution exclusive to Batora Grub, and evolves into Batora if its Justice is 75% or less, has been given good to perfect care, and his weight is kept low. Batora wakes at 8 AM and sleeps at 10 PM. If Batora Grub started with 50% Justice, Batora will have a base weight of 40. If Batora Grub started with 0% Justice, Batora will instead have a base weight of 60.

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