Batteries in a Tamagotchi vary by model and era. There are three different major types of batteries that they take, and different models of Tamagotchi have ways of warning the user when their battery is low.

It is recommended to not use mixed brands of batteries, or old and new batteries together. For rechargeable AAA batteries, it is recommended to not mix brands and ensure each battery has a full charge.

Standard Batteries

LR44 Button Cell Battery

A pair of LR44 batteries, showing each side.

LR44 batteries are the most commonly used kind of battery. They are used by every Tamagotchi of the vintage era (with the sole exception of the Yasashii Tamagotch), as well as the Tamagotchi Nano and its variants. Every model that takes these batteries takes two of them.

The battery insulation tab will only cover the battery on the left side. Due to this, if the batteries begin to leak, the right side's battery contacts will be more likely to sustain damage from battery corrosion.

CR2032 Coin Battery

A single CR2032.

CR2032 batteries are the second most common kind of battery. They are used for every model of the Tamagotchi Connection and Plus era, as well as the Tamagotchi Mini, TamagoChu, and 2017 and 2018 replicas of the classic Tamagotchi. The battery fits in a compartment with a lip to keep it in place; frequent battery removal and insertion may stress or break the lip.

As the insulation tab only needs to cover the contacts for one battery, they are less likely to suffer damage from battery corrosion. Later models include a white coating over the chip near the battery compartment for further corrosion protection.

AAA Battery

A single AAA battery.

The AAA battery (or triple-A battery) is used in every color-screen model, as well as the TamaTown Tama-Go, Tamagotchi Friends, and Dream Town Digital Friend. Unlike the vintage and Connection/Plus toys, these batteries are never packaged inside the Tamagotchi; they are instead either in a separate compartment or not included at all.

Low Battery Screen

Starting from the Mothra Tamagotchi onward, when the batteries reach a critically low point, the user's pet will disappear and the screen will instead show a Low Battery Screen, indicating that the user must replace the batteries. It is usually represented by an image of a battery with a line or X going through it. On color-screen Tamagotchis, as well as the TamaTown Tama-Go, Tamagotchi Friends, and Dream Town Digital Friend,Tamagotchi On , Kandentchi will appear.


Gen 1 and 2 Replicas
LowBat Replicas.PNG
Nano Models
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GO, Friends
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Color models
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