Bententchi (べんてんっち) is a female Tamagotchi character who lives near Tama Beach and appeared in episode 116 of the Tamagotchi! anime. She is voiced by Akiko Kawase.


Bententchi is pink with two darker pink loops on top of her head as well as two pointed strands, resembling a bow. She also appears to have a red ribbon on each side of her head, with the two upper sections being short and the lower section almost reaching the ground. She wears a white top resembling bandages, white shoes, baggy red high-waisted pants, and a red overcoat. Her purple eyes each have one eyelash on top and four eyelashes at the bottom, and she always appears to have her upper eyelids slightly lowered.


Bententchi is in love with her childhood friend, Bontentchi, but she struggles to tell him due to her tsundere-like personality. When she learns about the legend of "Love-Love Power Spot", she wants to find it in hopes that going there with Bontentchi will help her confess to him. She acts tough and raises her voice a lot, but she has a soft side and blushes easily when she is around Bontentchi. Himespetchi offers her a lot of encouragement.

After finding Love-Love Power Spot and still having no courage in confessing to Bontentchi, Bententchi starts to walk away. However, he stops her and reveals to her that he loves her, and she tells him that she loves him too. Their newfound relationship causes the Flame Tama Heart to appear.

Name origin

Bententchi may be inspired by the goddess Benzaiten, also known as Benten, who is usually found near the ocean and often depicted in art with ribbons arcing around her.


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