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Bill (サム Samu, 外人っち Gaijintchi, Ketotchi) is a special adult character introduced on the global release of the Original Tamagotchi.


The original Japanese name was Ketotchi, where Keto was a derogatory word for Westerners. The name was later changed to Gaijintchi, where gaijin means "foreigner" or "outsider".

The US name "Bill" was coined due to the character sprite's similarity in appearance to former US President Bill Clinton. This visual similarity is later played out in Bill's personality traits.

Recently, on a Tamagotchi 15th Anniversary poll, Bill's name was shown as サム (Sam), possibly a reference to "Uncle Sam", a personification of the United States.


Bill has had varying appearances, though he remains to be a large head with legs. In his original Japanese artwork, he was portrayed with a large, stereotypical American head with blond hair, wearing jeans and brown shoes, with large arms in his back pockets, and blue eyes. This appearance was carried over when he reappeared in modern Tamagotchi releases, with the exception of his shoes; his original artwork had brown shoes, but he has blue feet in the updated artwork.

In is American portrayal in 1997, his head had much less detail, and had brown hair and stick legs, much like Oyajitchi. On the Tamagotchi CD-ROM and in Tamagotchi Video Adventures, he also has stick arms and is tinted a bit more pinkish.

On the Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. app, he can also be pink, or orange with violet hair.


Due to his secretive nature, Bill's personality remains shrouded in mystery. However, he is shown to have a love for jazz music and pop music and enjoy playing his saxophone.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi (1996 Pet)

Bill appears as a Special Adult for all non-Japanese versions of the original Tamagotchi. He is obtained through Masktchi with average care.

Tamagotchi CD-ROM

Bill again appears as a Special Adult, and evolves from Masktchi. Like in Tamagotchi Video Adventures, he is shown with arms and is more of a pinkish color.

Tamagotchi Connection Version 3

Bill appears as a standard adult, evolving in even-numbered generations with average care. His favorite food is beef, and his least favorite food is grapes.

Tamagotchi Music Star

When a Tamagotchi band auditions for their professional debut, Bill appears as a judge. Here, he wears big sunglasses. He is somewhat easy to please and will award the band an "O" or an "X" depending on the player's Tamagotchi's status; this involves hunger, happiness and stress levels, as well as the amount of time spent practicing at home. Praising it when it practices will increase the chance of the band getting an "O" from Bill.

Tamagotchi Mini

Bill appears on the 20th Anniversary edition, evolving from Mametchi with perfect care.

In Video Games

Tamagotchi (GB)

In the Japanese version, Bill can evolve from Oyajitchi or Sekitoritchi but first you must have a tamagotchi recorded in the hall of fame. To do this you must raise another tamagotchi and will all 3 tournaments. Afterwards once that tamagotchi dies of old age, it will be added to the hall of fame. Once this is complete Bill will be unlocked. The Japanese release uses his Japanese design, while the international versions use his American design.

In Tamagotchi Media

Tamagotchi Video Adventures

Bill appears similar to his PC form. His original contribution to the museum is a "Stinkulator" from the planet "Galeconic", the "farthest planet in the Kruton system (for good reason)". During the expedition to Earth, he is paired up with Nyorotchi. The two bring a tape player back to the planet, which pleases Cosmotchi.

Tamatown's "Tama Island"

Bill was the host of the V3's "Tama Island", where users could vote for their favorite characters.

Music City

Bill appears at the Concert Hall as a judge during band performances.


(Note: any character obtained through items or neglect not exclusive to Bill are not included.)

Bill Evolutions
Version Evolves From Evolves Into
Tamagotchi, including the CD-ROM edition End of Growth
Tamagotchi (GB) End of Growth
Tamagotchi Connection Version 3
Tamagotchi Mini End of Growth