Black Hat (ブラックハット Burakku Hatto) is a male Tamagotchi character who debuted in the anime Tamagotchi!. He works at TAMAX-TV as the villain of the Gotchiman TV show.


Black Hat wears a lime green bodysuit with a pointy indigo collar, a yellow belt with a white letter H on it, indigo boots, and a dark cape. He wears a dark top hat that covers half of his face and has eye holes. His skin is yellow, and his eyes are lime green with small dark pupils.

In the Anime

During in TV show, Black Hat's goal is to destroy the city, but he is always thwarted by Gotchiman and Hero Lovelin. Sometimes he captures Hero Lovelin or Madonnatchi, and so Gotchiman has to rescue her with the help of Herotchi.

Black Hat's weapon is his hat; it can turn into anything he needs such as an umbrella, a boxing glove on a spring, or a fan. When he takes a hat off, he still has one left on his head. When he throws his hat at something, it will cause it to explode.

He laughs like "Hatta-ta-ta!" (はったたた).

Name Origin

Black Hat's name and appearance is a play on the term "black hat", which usually means a fictional villain.


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