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Bumping two devices together.

Bumping is a fundamental feature found in a few Tamagotchi virtual pet devices. It uses near-field communication technology (or NFC for short). It replaces the infared technology from the past Tamagotchi virtual pet devices.

To bump, the feature must be first enabled. It can be selected by selecting its corresponding icon on the icons menu.

In Tamagotchi Friends, if the two adult Tamagotchi character from each respective devices are opposite genders, the two may marry each other if they are bumped several times.

The feature was first introduced in the latest international release, Tamagotchi Friends, where NFC has been introduced into the virtual pet franchise and replaces the IR technology from that point. Bumping was later featured in the Tamagotchi 4U, where it is referred as "touching" instead and exceeds both that of bumping in the Tamagotchi Friends, and IR communication in previous releases.

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