Burgertchi (ばがっち Bagatchi), is a Tamagotchi character that appears on the Deka Tamagotchi. Burgertchi has also appeared as a debug only character on the Japanese Tamagotchi Plus, as well as the American Tamagotchi Connection, V2 and V3 Tamagotchis.

Through debugging, it can be either male or female. Burgertchi was originally planned to be released on the Tamagotchi Plus / Connection as an obtainable adult, but never made the final cut. Also, Burgertchi is related to Lotteria in some way.

Burgertchi's artwork was first revealed on a Tamagotchi Connection desktop wallpaper and screen saver Bandai released in promotion of the Tamagotchi Connection in America. A larger image of Burgertchi's artwork was later revealed in the Deka Tamagotchi section of a certain Japanese Tamagotchi Plus Guide Book.




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