Busstoptchi (バス停っち Basuteitchi) is a character that lives in Mame City.


Busstoptchi resembles a stop sign. His head is round and flat, colored white with a black stripe, two eyes, and a pink beak. His body is a long, white pole with a flat pink base, and he has two long, white arms with pink hands.


Busstoptchi looks frail, but is actually quite fast, although he can only move by hopping. Wherever he goes, the Mame Buses follow behind.

On Virtual Pets

Entama and Uratama

A statue of Busstoptchi can be purchased when visiting Mame City on E-Tamago for 440. When used, it fills one happy heart and increases Intelligence (Funny on the Ura) points by one.

In the Anime

Tamagotchi: The Movie

Busstoptchi appears hopping through Mame City, and Mametchi and Tanpopo get on the bus that's following him.


In episode 22, part 1, Mametchi and his friends have to follow him while trying to track down Gypsytchi.

GO-GO Tamagotchi!

Busstoptchi briefly appears in episode 50, during the special performance of Happy Happy Harmony.

In Other Media

Tamagotchi: Party On!

Busstoptchi appears as two possible spaces on the Mame City board. If a player lands on one of the squares at the end of their role, Busstoptchi and a bus appear, taking the player to the other side of the board.

Name Origin

Busstoptchi's name comes from the English phrase "bus stop", a location on a bus route where buses pick up and drop off passengers. His Japanese name comes from basutei, which also means bus stop.


  • Busstoptchi shares his voice actress with Akaspetchi.


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