Capsuletchi (かぷせるっち Kapuserutchi) is a Tamagotchi Character that debuted on the Deka Tamagotchi machines in Japan.


Capsuletchi resembles a two-piece capsule with a blue top portion, and white bottom portion with smaller blue, orange, and yellow pills inside. They have a smiling face with small eyes and pink cheeks. They usually have one arm raised and the other pointed down.


  • Capsuletchi's character data is present on the Tamagotchi Connection, Version 2 and Version 3, but cannot be obtained.
  • Capsuletchi can be seen in the Version 3's Tamagotchi Town.
  • The can also be seen on the playing board for the board game, Super Full of Memories! Tamagotchi Planet Tour Game.


Capsuletchi sprite.png


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