The Celeb Sisters (セレブ姉妹 Serebu Shimai /セレブあね Serebu Ane) are female Tamagotchi characters and Kikitchi's elder twin sisters. They are well known celebrities from Celebria, but their real names are unknown. Their parents are Monsieur Kikipapa and Madame Kiki.


Both sisters are tall with light pink faces, white pearl necklaces, dark pink stockings, and monkey-like ears like Kikitchi.

The older sister is pink. She has her hair done up in a ponytail, with some lose hair down the side of her head. She has almond-shaped eyes and has orange and white sunglasses on her forehead. She wears a pink striped dress and white shorts, and carries a yellow handbag.

The younger sister is yellow. She has long curly blonde hair and wide eyes, as well as dark pink shades on her forehead. She wears a low-necked purple dresses and carries a white handbag.

Name Origin

The Celeb Sisters' name come from Serebu/Celeb, short in Japanese for Celebrity, and Shimai/Ane, Sisters/Older sister(s).


  • The Celeb Sisters are the only members of Kikitchi's family to never appear on any virtual pet or in the anime. However, they do appear in the artwork for the Beauty Salon of the Tama Resort.
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