Chapitchi (チャピっち Chapitchi) is a female Tama Pet. She can be adopted on the Tamagotchi P's. She appears in Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream and Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends


Chapitchi is egg-shaped and pink with fluffy fur. She has two round ears on top of her head and a curly squirrel-like tail. She has large green eyes with three eye lashes on each. She has tiny arms but no legs, so she moves by bouncing. All she can say is, "Chapi".

In the Anime

Chapitchi is Charatchi's affectionate Tama Pet. She is usually depicted as a very popular and adorable Tama Pet that Tamagotchis fawn over, and sparkles come out of her eyes when she blinks. Charatchi insists that she is the world's cutest Tama Pet. She becomes friends with Doyakentchi even though their owners are rivals.

She is voiced by Hinako Sasaki, who previously voiced Violetchi.

Name Origin

"Cha" comes from Charatchi's name, with charai meaning flashy or gaudy. The "pi" may come from pichipichi, meaning bursting with energy, or pikapika, meaning sparkling.



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