Not to be confused with Charatchi, the modern day character.

Charitchi (チャリっち) is a special adult character that debuted on the second generation of the original Tamagotchi.


Charitchi has a round, yellow head with a single strand of curly hair. It has a small, peach-colored body, and is always riding a bicycle.


An athletic Tamagotchi with an affinity for bicycles who cannot stand to not be around them, Charitchi will work tirelessly to clean and restore any old, abandoned bicycles it may come across. It likes to ride as fast as it can and prefers riding in straight lines.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi (Generation 2)

Charitchi is a secret character on the second Japanese version, replacing Sekitoritchi. The user must first raise a Zuccitchi from a Tongaritchi that started with 0% Discipline. From there, the user must provide good to perfect care, with no care mistakes. Zuccitchi will evolve into Charitchi around the age of 10. If the Discipline meter is not entirely filled at the time of evolution, it will fill to 100% immediately upon evolving. Charitchi wakes at 9 AM, sleeps at 10 PM, and has a base weight of 30. Like Mimitchi, it has a longer life span than other adults.

In Video Games

64 de Hakken! Tamagotchi Minna de Tamagotchi World

Charitchi is one of the special characters who can be obtained if a game is won with Zuccitchi.

Hoshi de Hakken!! Tamagotchi

Charitchi is a regular adult in this game, as part of Group F and evolving from Hashitamatchi with good care and if its power exceeds its intelligence. As with all Group E and F characters, Charitchi is genderless and cannot breed.

Tamagotchi Town

Charitchi evolves from Tongaritchi and Hashitamatchi if they are lured into a forest block by food upon waking up on the day they are due to evolve.

Name Origin

Chari means "bicycle".


  • When Charitchi gets sick, instead of staying in one place, it will continue to move back and forth. It is the only Tamagotchi character known to do this. In addition, Charitchi wiggles in place slightly during the Death sequence, whereas other Tamagotchi characters stand completely still.


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