Cheery Cherry Blossoms (ポポン! 笑いで花を咲かせましょう Popon! Warai de hana osakasemashou) is part 1 of episode 20 of Tamagotchi!. It first aired on February 22, 2010. The episode was written by Hiroshi Yamaguchi.

It is also the first episode to be rebroadcasted under Tamagotchi! Tamatomo Daishuu GO.


Somewhere in the mountains, the Lovelin Tour Bus is cruising. Mametchi, Kuchipatchi, Gozarutchi, and Hapihapitchi are seen inside. The bus heads through a tunnel, where Mametchi points out that they'll be at Tama Plateau once they're through. Gozarutchi is also psyched because everyone will be going to see the Tama Cherry Blossoms at the plateau.

Mametchi then asked where the others are. Hapihapitchi then told him that they're in the back, playing. There, Memetchi, Makiko, Flowertchi, and Lovelitchi are all having fun dressing up Chamametchi. Mametchi opens the door, informing the girls that they're about to stop at the Tama Plateau, only to have Chamametchi shaming him for entering a girl's room. Kuchipatchi then began murmuring. When everyone went to look through the window, they can see that the Tama Plateau is just around the corner.

When everyone arrived, they can see a large tree supposedly to be called the Tama Cherry Tree, but it appears there are no flowers on it. Kuchipatchi disregards it and prefers to eat picnic right now, but Mametchi told him that they only came to see the flowers.

Everyone appears to be displeased since they only see nothing. Flowertchi, however, knows how the tree works. She says that the tree uses cheerfulness and laughter as nutrients so it can grow. Makiko then recalls that old people used to do that, and Violetchi said that it's because they wanted the tree to blossom even more. If everyone can recreate these emotions, then the tree might be able to bloom flowers that everyone were meant to see. She also makes another fact that in flower language, Tama Cherry Blossom would mean: "Passionate, laughter. That's right!", plus "So laugh...", in a serious way. She makes a more mischievous look on her face, but she turned it into joy.

Flowertchi began to spin plates. She also informs everyone to go and be fun and silly to make the tree grow. As everyone watches in joy, the Tama Tree finally blossomed it's first flowers and everyone was amazed. Flowertchi then encouraged everyone to keep up the fun so the Tama Tree can blossom. Memetchi thinks. Then Kuchipatchi goes to the picnic blanket and puts a picnic basket on his head, draws a face on his belly, and manipulates it to make faces. Then Kuchipatchi tires himself out through hunger. Everyone laughed, and the tree bloomed even more flowers.

Everyone became pleased with the progress so far. Kuchipatchi still makes funny faces with his face-drawn belly and Mametchi laughs more. Gozarutchi then offers to make his entertainment. Only in the process, he makes himself disappear and everyone was surprised. Mametchi scans his surroundings for him, but then finds a TAMAX-TV poster of Lovelin out of nowhere at the tree. Gozarutchi then calls out to everyone that he bets they don't know where he is hiding. Mametchi became pretty obvious that Gozarutchi is hiding behind the poster as he says out his name. It then turns out that the poster was the "back side" of Gozarutchi's camouflage when realized he put it in the wrong way. At the same time, the Tama Tree flowers have reverted back to their premature states.

Everyone became dissatisfied again and Gozarutchi is sorry for messing it up. Flowertchi and Kuchipatchi then frantically tries to put more effort into themselves, but nothing is happening to the tree. Makiko realizes that they can't just repeat the same thing over again. So she had to resort to something and told Memetchi that they have to do "their thing." Memetchi told her that "the thing" not ready yet and she's not confident because they need more work on it. Makiko disregards the facts and says it could be a chance to prove it might work. Memetchi then worriedly points out that they don't have a stage to perform it on. But Lovelitchi covers that up and uses her Lovelin Tour Bus to make one. Memetchi and Makiko head inside the bus to get ready.

After moments of waiting, Memetchi and Makiko appear onstage, wearing an afro and samurai wig and calling themselves the "Samurai-Afro Team." Everyone was shocked in disbelief. As the play goes on, Memetchi says that her hairdo can have birds mistake it as a branch. But to Makiko, she says that her hair makes a good nest for the birds. Memetchi calls her a "liar" and kicks her, throwing her back and a pan falls on her head. Memetchi makes a apology to her, but Makiko says that her hair is like a cusion. Then the two finish their act with a bow. Unfortunately, Mametchi and Lovelitchi were doubtful on how the act was supposed to be funny. However, Chamametchi and Hapihaptchi were on the ground laughing. At the same time, the Tama Tree begun to blossom again. Everyone became amazed, and Memetchi and Makiko were impressed that their act was a success.

Chamametchi takes the stage next and shows off her act. She goes off doing a maraca dance and that also made the Tama Tree bloom as well. The tree grew more and more flowers, that it's now filled up with plentiful of tree bushes. Kuchipatchi suggest that they should do something more fun and cheerful to help the tree grow even more. Memetchi wonders, then gets an idea: a fun song. She also noted that everyone already have the essentials: the stage and Lovelin herself, who is a good singer.

Lovelitchi then goes into her Lovelin identity to sing a song. She sings the song: Every Lovely. With her hearty musical performance, the tree began to blossom even more. Memetchi and Makiko get a quick idea and decided to join in with the singing. Lovelin finds it an excellent idea. Kuchipatchi, Flowertchi, Gozarutchi, Chamametchi, and Hapihapitchi also join up with Lovelin. And all of them sing in unison. This causes the Tama Tree to bloom very frantically and into a gorgeous blossom tree.

Everyone became more amazed the tree is at its peak. But Flowertchi still doesn't think it is in full bloom and must try once more. Memetchi suggest that they sing another song. Then Lovelin realize that Mametchi should also sing. She encouraged Mametchi to sing and he agreed. However, Chamametchi and Hapihapitchi don't feel very confident hearing Mametchi going to sing. But when Mametchi goes to do it anyways, they both ran away very horrified.

Mametchi sings. However, he appears to be singing very erratically, causing everybody to be very shocked. Just then, the Tama Tree began to have a reaction and suddenly, the entire flowers fell right off. Everyone became absolutely horrified. Then episode ends with Mametchi still singing rubbish.

Battle On! The Great Donut Contest!

Battle On! The Great Donut Contest! (決戦! ドーナツコンテスト Kessen! Dōnatsu kontesuto) is part 2 of episode 20 of Tamagotchi!. It aired on February 22, 2010. The episode is written by Hiroshi Yamaguchi.

It is also the first episode to be rebroadcasted under Tamagotchi! Tamatomo Daishuu GO.


Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, Flowertchi, Lovelitchi and Makiko are walking down a street. And Kuchipatchi seems to be getting hungry. Mametchi reminded him that he's always hungry. The gang then runs into Tamastetchi, who gives them a flyer. Wondering what it is, the flyer reads that the Tamadounts are celebrating their success by holding a homemade donut contest. Therefore, they are looking for contestants.

Kuchipatchi says that he'd rather eat the donuts than cook by himself. But then, somebody comes up and says it's fine. The person is revealed to be a donut-shaped person. According to him, he says that not only the winning contestant gets their donuts in his Tamadonuts menu, but gets a year supply of donuts. Kuchipatchi felt delighted, especially after fantasizing about it. But Mametchi says that it's only if he wins. Makiko says that she sees little purpose in free donuts, but admits it's cool to have their own donuts in the menu. Then Memetchi says that she'll enter the competition, along with Lovelitchi, Flowertchi, Makiko also agreeing to enter. Mametchi also wants to enter, as he is curious of the science it takes to make a donut. So after they all enter, Lovelitchi wishes luck to everybody.

At the Mame Family house kitchen, Mametchi is seen making his donuts. Chamametchi asks what Mametchi is making. He replies that he is making "scientifically tasty donuts". Throughout his cooking, he thinks the ratio of flour and baking powder holds the key. Chamametchi wants to help, but she ends up trying to grab the flour bag from Mametchi; it rips apart resulting a spillage upon the two. Yet, Chamametchi enjoys the "snow" everywhere. Meanwhile, Makiko is thinking of making healthy donuts. Memetchi says that normal donuts won't do any good. Kuchipatchi is just thinking of all the donuts in the competition. Flowertchi wonders if using flowers as ingredients will make her donuts good. And Lovelitchi is having high hopes that everybody will like her donuts.

The next day, the gang prepares to present their donuts. Memetchi notices that Lovelitchi hasn't shown up. Flowertchi wonders about her too, as she is exited for the competition too. Afterwards, Tamastetchi announces the start of the homemade donut contest. She starts to introduce the judges. The first judge is Donutchi, the store owner (and the person the gang met earlier). The second judge is Safetytchi. And the third judge is Necktietchi. Mametchi is still wondering where Lovelitchi is right now.

Afterwards, Tamastetchi calls out to Mametchi as the first contestant. He then comes up to the judges and presents him his donuts, which shaped like Mametchi's ears with a chocolate topping. Donutchi praised the perfect circle in the center of the donut. Mametchi says he worked hard on it to make it perfectly. He scientifically measured the chocolate topping to perfection. He calls it, his "super scientific donuts". The three judges proceeds to give the donuts a taste. Safetytchi praised the taste. But Donutchi says it's missing something. And Necktietchi metaphorically says it's loud. This made Mametchi believe they don't like his donuts, much to his tremendous dismay.

Next up is Memetchi. Her donuts appear to be shaped like her curl in which she calls it her curly donuts. The judge decided to give it a taste, but Memetchi says that they must appreciate her curl and they must eat the donut from the side to enjoy it. The judges then put their mouth on the end of the curl donut and starts eating. But Necktietchi puts down the donut and says that it's too hard to eat. So Tamastetchi introduces Kuchipatchi as the next contestant. He says that his donuts are the "best in the contest". unfortunately, he ate his own donuts (shaped like Kuchipatchi) on the way to the contest due to his own temptation. Thus, disappointing the judges.

Tamastetchi hurriedly introduces the fourth contestant, Makiko. She tells that her donuts are the first healthiest donuts. Safetytchi praising its recommendation for a diet. Plates, knives, fork, and napkins are placed on the table and Makiko places her donuts on the plates, enlightening Necktietchi with the delicious aroma. Makiko says that she used no oil in the making of the donuts. Necktietchi says it's hot in tasty. Donutchi comments that he tasted it somewhere. But then, Safetytchi reveals that they're just pancakes with holes in it, which made the other judges realized it. So Tamastetchi disappointingly introduces the next contestant, Flowertchi. She says that she like flowers that she decorated her donuts with them. Safetytchi seems happy how the donut is decorated with flowers. But Donutchi seems to have a questionable taste for it and Necktietchi says it's soggy with water. Flowertchi nervously says that the water is included so that the flowers won't wilt. But that only frowned the judges.

Tamastetchi, still getting more nervous with all the failures, introduces the sixth contestant, Kuromametchi. It surprised Mametchi and Memetchi as they never thought KuroMametchi was in the contest. KuroMametchi reveals his donuts, which appears to be colored in black. As the judges gets a taste of it, they all appear to like the taste of the donuts. Mametchi, Makiko, and Kuchipatchi seem to acknowledge the judges reactions of KuroMametchi's donuts. The judges say that the donuts taste like cucumbers, crabs, and tuna, until Necktietchi discovers that the donuts are actually sushi rolls. Surprising the gang, Mametchi says that the covering is actually seaweed wrappings.

The competition has concluded and now the judges are conversing which contestant is the winner. As they wait for the final verdict, Mametchi thinks his scientific donuts are #1. Memetchi thinks that her curly donuts can be enjoyable as it gets eaten slowly. Makiko thinks her healthy donuts defy convention. Flowertchi thinks everybody just like flowers. KuroMametchi is determined that he'll be the winner. And Kuchipatchi complains of hunger. As they audience and contestants awaits the judge's final decision, Donutchi disappointingly says that nobody wins, shocking everyone.

But then, Lovelitchi comes in the last minute. The gang all had relief that Lovelitchi came. According to her, she had some unscheduled work. Realizing, Mametchi points out to Lovelitchi's basket and she says it's her donuts. But Makiko says the contest is already over. Lovelitchi says that she's okay with it and tells her friends to eat her donuts anyways. Lovelitchi's donuts appear to be topped with strawberry sauce with colored marshmellows. Mametchi and Kuchipatchi takes a donut from her. Their taste for Lovelitchi's donuts enlightened them very much.

Donutchi seems he wants to try one of Lovelitchi's donuts. So she gave her donuts to the judges and they all taste it. Their reaction: they burst with joy and exitement from the taste of Lovelitchi's donuts. Flattered, Lovelitchi says that there could be better donuts from the contest. This reply, however, only puts them in question. Tamastetchi comes up to the judges and enthusiastically tells them that they thought up a winner. So Donutchi revises the judge's decision and announced that Lovelitchi is the winner.

Lovelitchi is awarded with the 1st place trophy. Then Donutchi asks her what will the name of the donuts will be. Unfortunatelly, Lovelitchi says that she hasn't came up with the name as she just only made them for her friends. Donutchi took note of the word "Tama-Friend" and decided to call her donuts "Tama-Friend Donuts." Mametchi agrees with them, Makiko admits the same, and KuroMametchi congratulates. Though Lovelitchi says she doesn't get it, she thanked everyone.





Tamagotchi! - Cheery Cherry Blossoms

Tamagotchi! - Cheery Cherry Blossoms

"Tamagotchi!" - Battle On! The Great Donut Contest!

"Tamagotchi!" - Battle On! The Great Donut Contest!


  • In the English version, the title of the first half, "Cheery Cherry Blossoms", is misspelled in its title card as "Cheery Cherry Bloosoms".
  • During the part where Lovelitchi holds a white frilly dress, her shoes are missing.
  • Kuchipatchi can be seen plugging his ears upon initially hearing Mametchi "sing."
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