The Chibipatchis (ちびぱっち Chibipatchi) are twin brothers from the Kuchipa Family, and Kuchipatchi's younger siblings. They are often the main priority of their parents, Papapatchi and Mamapatchi. Mamapatchi forgot to name them at birth. They appear on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5.

They are also secondary main characters in the Sorette Kuchipatchi franchise.


The Chibipatchis resemble Kuchipatchi, but they are smaller and rounder. Their skin is lighter shade of green and they have yellow cheeks. They each wear diapers. One has three hairs on his head and the other only has one.


The Chibipatchis are curious and a bit mischievous. They are just beginning to walk, but they are bursting with energy. In the Tamagotchi! anime, they sometimes argue or fight with each other. They only speak gibberish.

Appearances on Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Connection Version 5

The Chibipatchis can only be obtained with the Kuchipa Family. To obtain a Kuchipa Family, Kuchipatchi must marry a Yonepatchi after he's raised to 100% bonding. They will evolve into Papapatchi and Mamapatchi, and their children become Kuchipatchi and Chibipatchi. The Chibipatchis don't evolve.

Name Origin

"Chibi" is Japanese for small. "Patchi" comes from Kuchipatchi's name.


  • Although the Chibipatchis are two characters, they're called "Chibipatchi" on the Tamagotchi V5, which is singular.
  • In the Tamagotchi Corner Shop series, the Chibipatchis are counted as one customer. In the Japanese versions, they say "datchi", but in the English versions they say "babu" instead.
  • In the anime, one twin can only say "Da" or "Yah" and the other can only say "Tchi". This may be because of Kuchipatchi's catchphrase, "Datchi" or "yah-tchi". 
  • Before the Tamagotchi Version 5 released, Chibipatchi-like characters appeared on the box for a Tamagotchi board game. However, there were four of them, and they didn't have hairs on their heads.


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