Chictchi (シックっち Shikkutchi) is the name of a female Tamagotchi character who appears in the anime, Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream, and later in GO-GO Tamagotchi!. She also appears as a non-playable character in the Dream Town game. She has not appeared on any virtual pets.


Chictchi has light pink skin and curly blue hair. She wears a black suit with two buttons, black stockings, and a white skirt. Her eyes are blue and oval-shaped, with two eyelashes each.


Chictchi is calm and patient. She is a good role model and teacher to Memetchi, and she is good at giving advice.

In the Anime

Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream

Chictchi is Memetchi's homestay parent. She works at the Salon de Dream in Dream Town, along with her sister Psychetchi. Like Psychetchi, she loves fashion and hairstyling.

GO-GO Tamagotchi!

Chictchi appears in the episode "Guruguru Battle! Memetchi vs Makiko... Again!!". She and Psychetchi help Memetchi style her hair to compete with Makiko.

Name Orgin

Chictchi's name comes from the French word chic, meaning stylish or fashionable. 


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