ChikachikaBabytchi (チカチカベビっち Chikachikabebitchi) is a baby character exclusive to the Yasashii Tamagotch.


It resembles both Babytchi and Shirobabytchi, changing from one to the other constantly.


Because it is a newborn, ChikachikaBabytchi is not fully aware of its surroundings; on the Yasashii, it has no idea it is living on The Earth instead of the Tamagotchi Planet. It seems to love handmade noodles.

On Virtual Pets

Yasashii Tamagotch

ChikachikaBabytchi is the baby stage, appearing after the egg hatches in five minutes. After one hour of care, it will evolve into Hoppetchi.

Name Origin

The name comes from the English word "Baby" and the Japanese phrase "chikachika" (チカチカ), which can mean flickering or sparkling.

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