Chuumokutchi (ちゅーもくっち) is a male Tamagotchi character who first appeared on the TamaGoLand website, although not as a selectable character.


Chuumokutchi's body resembles a white cloud with a thunderbolt-shaped appendage on his right side. He has two skinny light blue arms with yellow spherical hands. His face is light blue, and he has dark blue oval-shaped eyes and a yellow beak.


Chuumokutchi serves as a guide for TamaGoLand. He is very helpful and good at navigating.

In the Anime

GO-GO Tamagotchi!

Chuumokutchi appeared in Fierce Fight! World Tama Cup. He was one of the players on Motetchi's soccer team.

Name Origin

Chuumokutchi's name likely comes from the Japanese word chuumoku 注目, which refers to someone who pays close attention or makes careful observations. Moku may also be a play on the onomatopoeic word mokumoku (もくもく), which refers to billowing clouds.

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