Clione Deviltchi (クリデビっち Kuridebitchi) is a Special Adult Deviltchi that debuted on the Debirutch no Tamagotch.


Clione Deviltchi's body looks like that of a ghost; white with arms but no legs, and there is a pink heart in the middle. Its face is cream and there are two dark pink hearts on its head which look like ears or antennae.


Despite its external characteristics as a Devil, Clione Deviltchi is actually very sincere and likes to help others. It is also more interested in fulfilling achievements associated with Angels than it is with its own. This has caused confusion and outrage in the Devil World.

On Virtual Pets

Debirutch no Tamagotch

The user must first obtain a Devil Mametchi and take perfect care of it, keeping the Hungry and Friend meters full and the Devil Power at 0. After six days, the Devil Mametchi will offer to shake hands. Accepting will cause it to immediately evolve into Clione Deviltchi.

Clione Deviltchi has a unique Death sequence, where a Chestnut Angel escorts it to the Tenshitchi Capital.

Name Origin

The English name comes from the species Clione, a sea slug, to which Clione Deviltchi bears some resemblance. The species comes from a family known as "sea angels". The Japanese name comes come kurione, the Japanese pronunciation of clione.


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