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Clulutchi (くるるっち Kururutchi) is an adult female Tamagotchi character that debuted on the Miracrise ver. Tama Deco Pierce for the Tamagotchi P's, and the third modern anime series, Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends. She lives in the future version of Dream Town with her older twin sister, Miraitchi and their father, Doctor Future.

Name Origin

As with Miraitchi's name, Clulutchi's name has two meanings. "Kuru" (来る) means to arrive or come. Together with the name of her twin sister, "mirai", they can mean "arriving to the future" or "return to the future". In addition, "mirakuru" (ミラクル) means miracle. The spelling of the word "miracle" is why her name is spelled as Clulutchi instead of Kururutchi in the opening credits.

However, unlike Miraitchi, her Cantonese name "琦璐璐" is simply a sound-alike of her Japanese name, and does not relate to the Japanese meaning "to arrive" or "miracle".

Names in other languages

Region Name Meaning
Cantonese (Hong Kong) 琦璐璐 Cululu (Direct translated from Japanese name)


Clulutchi has a white head and body, and blue eyes. Her hairstyle is similar to Miraitchi's one. She has a ponytail pointing to the left and two locks of hair down the sides of her head, and a tuft on her forehead. She wears a black sleeveless dress with white polka-dots on the skirt and a light purple band around the waist, and purple stockings. She has a purple crown that ties her ponytail.

Young Clulutchi wore a blue dress with yellow stockings, and had two blue beads on her head instead of a crown. Miraitchi wore the same outfit, so this was likely before they discerned their own identities.

Physical differences between Miraitchi and Clulutchi (in the anime)

  • Clulutchi's fringe and ponytail always point to the left, whereas Miraitchi's always point to the right.
  • Clulutchi's eyelashes point outwards, whereas all of Miraitchi's point to the left.
  • Clulutchi's eyes are blue, whereas Miraitchi's are brown.
  • Clulutchi's small eye highlights are sparkles whereas Miraitchi's are hearts.
  • Clulutchi usually stands with her legs pointing inwards, whereas Miraitchi usually stands with her legs pointing outwards.
  • Horizontally, Clulutchi's mouth is less wide than Miraitchi's.


Clulutchi's Tamagotchi Channel profile describes her as calm and prudent. Despite being a day younger, she is more calmer than her twin. She is more intelligent and attentive than her sister, and was the first to figure out they had traveled back in time. She is good at remaining level-headed and logical in complex situations, which can make Miraitchi seem high-strung by comparison. Despite her more serious disposition, she gets embarrassed more easily and can even be more nervous than Miraitchi in certain situations. For example, she was fearful about flying when she first started out, and she panicked when Miraitchi suddenly rang Madamtchi's doorbell before she was prepared to meet her.

While Miraitchi specializes in designing clothes, Clulutchi prefers designing accessories. She adores crown motifs and, like Miraitchi, owns a Pocket Designer. They both have the same dream, which is to open up a store for all of their designs.

Both Clulutchi and her twin Miraitchi value their individualism and see themselves as being very different from one another, despite being physically similar. When their resemblance is pointed out, they wave their arms and say, "We aren't alike at all!" The gesture is also used in the Miracle Friends opening theme.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi P's Miracrise Ver.

Clulutchi is a secret character obtained from feeding the Rainbow-Colored Donut 3 times to any female teen.

Tamagotchi 4U

Clulutchi is obtainable as a downloadable character.

Tamagotchi m!x

Clulutchi is a NPC character on the Dream version of the m!x. They appear during the dancing minigame, along with Miraitchi. They may also be interacted with at My Town's park and may be seen during weddings.

Tamagotchi Pix

Clulutchi is a NPC that can be encountered in explore mode if the camera picks up the color white.

In the Anime

Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends

Anime version of Clulutchi.

Clulutchi appears in Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends as one of the main characters along with her twin sister Miraitchi. When they suddenly find themselves warped to the past and into the series' main timeline, they embark on a mission to return to their future while they follow their dream career at present-day Dream School.

The main objective of the twins is to collect the 8 Dreambakutchis, which were set free from Dream Center and transported with them to the past. When they first arrived in the past, they were perplexed by where they were until Clulutchi put the pieces together and realized they were in a past version of Dream Town. They soon became hungry and lost, until Cafe Mama took them in. She, Mametchi, and Pianitchi assumed they were intending to join Dream School. While looking for Dreambakutchis is the twins' priority, Clulutchi made the decision to join the school after all, because Dreambakutchis are attracted to dreams and thus would be drawn to Dream School. When they first attended present-day Dream School, they were confused by how out-of-date everything was to them.

The twins gather Dreambakutchis by using the Miracrise program on their Pocket Designers, which instantly transforms useful outfits and items onto Tamagotchis' bodies. Whoever the outfit ends up on is unpredictable. They then need to trace a star on the screen of their Pocket Designer to collect the Dreambakutchi and store it in a virtual world. However, because X-Kamen (disguised Smartotchi) is after the Dreambakutchis as well, they often have to fight him for them until they eventually learn about his secret and decide to work together.

The twins stayed at Music Cafe for a short time, but they soon befriended an old lady named Madamtchi. They became friends because of their shared love for fashion, and how Madamtchi used rose and crown motifs on her designs. Madamtchi used to run a shop but she had to stop operating it because her cherished sewing machine broke down. After the twins got everyone together to help find someone who could fix the sewing machine, Madamtchi re-opened the store and renamed it to "Miracle Shop" after Miraitchi and Clulutchi. She also invited them to stay at her shop as a homestay place, and they happily agreed.

Clulutchi and her twin sister return home in the final episode of Miracle Friends, resulting in a tearful goodbye as they depart from their friends. Saying goodbye to Madamtchi is the hardest for them because they formed such a close familial bond. At the very end of the episode, Miraitchi and Clulutchi go to future Dream School and promise to keep chasing their dream.

GO-GO Tamagotchi!

Starting from "New Entering Members are from the Future?!", the twins appear again in GO-GO Tamagotchi! thanks to a special door knob that opens doors to other time periods, invented by Doctor Future. They can travel between the future and present whenever they choose, although it malfunctioned in their debut episode and they were unable to return home at first.

Clulutchi joins the fashion department in DoriTama School and becomes part of Mametchi's student council too. She also acts as a character in the YUMETAMAX-TV program, "Gotchiman: The Future" along with her sister and father. Miraitchi and Clulutchi help Madamtchi meet up with her old colleagues in the "Another Anniversary". In the "Please Be My Sister", they meet Himetchi and Momotchi, two best friends who look up to the twins and wish to be their adoptive sisters.


Doctor Future

Doc future.png

Main article: Doctor Future

Doctor Future is Clulutchi's father. He is at Dream Center most of the time, which is a laboratory he founded. She cares a lot about him and respects his hard work, but she gets exasperated by him sometimes. This is especially because of him building "special programs" into his inventions that can have undesirable side-effects.



Main article: Miraitchi

Miraitchi is Clulutchi's twin sister who is older by one day. They get along very well and are able to work together. They sometimes finish each other's sentences. They are very close in both senses of the word, and they were never apart until they were paired with different partners at present-day Dream School in episode 5. The thought of being apart for even a short time broke their hearts, but the experienced helped get them used to being more independent of one another. This is proven by GO-GO Tamagotchi!, where Miraitchi and Clulutchi are content even though they often spend their time apart in DoriTama School.


Watchlin new.png

Main article: Watchlin

Watchlin is a "robot Tamagotchi" invented by Doctor Future. She is a talking watch that allowed Miraitchi and Clulutchi to communicate to Doctor Future while he was busy inside of Dream Center. After Watchlin accidentally brought Miraitchi and Clulutchi to the past, she accompanied them on their search for the Dreambakutchis and watches over them to make sure they're safe and staying on track.


  • Madamtchi is an old lady who owns a fashion store. The store had a crown in its symbol, which made Clulutchi feel drawn to it. Clulutchi admires Madamtchi and was very nervous about meeting her for the first time, but they quickly bonded and Madamtchi became the twins' homestay parent. They care deeply for Madamtchi to where they have almost a mother-like bond. The twins changed her life for the better by helping her with some of her problems, like getting her broken sewing machine fixed and helping her reunite with her old colleagues.
  • Mametchi, Pianitchi, and Cafe Mama took Miraitchi and Clulutchi in when they were lost and starving. Cafe Mama let them stay overnight. The twins were very grateful for their help, and Mametchi and Pianitchi encouraged them to join Dream School. The two of them were Miraitchi and Clulutchi's first Tama-Friends in present-day Dream Town. The twins were originally going to keep the truth about themselves and the Dreambakutchis a secret, but they trusted Mametchi and his friends enough to reveal the truth after the Pocket Designer unexpectedly used its Miracrise program on Mametchi.
  • Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, and Coffretchi are introduced to the twins via Mametchi and Pianitchi. Miraitchi and Clulutchi tell them their secret as well, and they all work together to collect Dreambakutchis.
  • Smartotchi was at first the twins' rival, because he was trying to gather the Dreambakutchis for himself under his X-Kamen disguise. When Miraitchi and Clulutchi found out his reason for wanting the Dreambakutchis, they decided it would be best to all work together and they eventually became friends.
  • Candy Pakupaku is Miraitchi and Clulutchi's best friend from future Dream Town. She comes to the past to reunite with them in episode 20. When Miraitchi and Clulutchi think Candy Pakupaku got eaten by a pterodactyl-like Tamagotchi, they start to cry, but are relieved to find out she is alive and well.
  • Moriritchi become Clulutchi's classmates in GO-GO Tamagotchi! because she and Moriritchi joined the fashion department.
  • Himespetchi was worried that Clulutchi and Mametchi would fall in love after Clulutchi joined his student council. But then Clulutchi decorated Himespetchi's dress with a rose after she accidentally got paint spilled on it, which changed Himespetchi's mind about her and led to them becoming friends.
  • Himetchi is a young Tamagotchi who idolizes Clulutchi so much, she wants to be her sister and follow her around. Clulutchi agrees to let Himetchi be her "sister", but soon Himetchi starts acting exactly like her, losing all of her own uniqueness. Clulutchi ends up scolding her, which upsets her at first. But the two of them end up making up after Himetchi realizes that she needs to be herself and they can still be "sisters" without being exactly alike.




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  • Clulutchi shares her voice actress with Moriritchi and Furifuritchi.
  • Miraitchi and Clulutchi have a mother, but she is only mentioned and is never seen.
  • Even though they are twins, Clulutchi is one day younger than Miraitchi. This is most likely because Clulutchi's egg hatched one day later than Miraitchi's.
    • However, it is possible that the eggs hatched around midnight between 2nd June and 3rd June.
  • Sometimes, certain animation frames with both Miraitchi and Clulutchi are symmetrically reflected.[1]
  • Miraitchi and Clulutchi are the only anime series mascots that are not built-in as raiseable characters on any virtual pet. Lovelitchi and Melodytchi, Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi, and Orenetchi and Neenetchi can already be raised on particular versions, but Miraitchi and Clulutchi can only be obtained by downloads or with a separate add-on (the Tama Deco Pierce).
  • Clulutchi is right handed, but her twin Miraitchi is actually left handed. This could make them mirror image twins, where one twin has reversed physical traits of the other.
  • Miraitchi and Clulutchi are sometimes referred to as the "Miracle Twins" ({{{1}}}) in books and other media.