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Tamagotchi can change their body colors based on food, the parents, and random genetics. Tamagotchi body and gene colors in the Tamagotchi On and Meets.

Body Colors

Tamagotchi colors range from base, saturated colors to combined colors. Regular colors include white, pink, red, yellow, blue, and black. Combined colors include orange, pale yellow, green, pale blue, purple, light grey, and dark grey.

Color Changing Foods

Certain foods can change all the colors on a Tamagotchi. For a complete list, see the following List of Color Changing Foods.

Color Genetics

From parents or grandparents

Tamagotchi can inherit colors directly from either parent or their grandparents. Check your Tamagotchi's family tree to see what colors exist. It is also possible that a color may jump from one gene type to another. As an example, the color can jump from a grandparent's body color to a grandchild's back accessory.

The color of the Tamagotchi may also change as they grow up. For example, they may start as one parent's colors but once they reach an adult, they may be the other parent's colors.

Color mixing

Tamagotchi can also create new colors by mixing existing colors that occur in their lineage.

Combined colors:

  • Orange = Red + Yellow
  • Pale Yellow = White + Yellow
  • Green = Yellow + Blue
  • Pale Blue = White + Blue
  • Purple = Red + Blue
  • Light grey = White + Black??
  • Dark grey = White + Black??

Additional color combinations:

  • Pink = White + Red
  • Orange = Yellow + Black
  • Orange = Pink + Yellow
  • Blue = White + Green
  • Blue = Yellow + Purple
  • Purple = Pink + Green

Note: Discovering these color combinations have come from observation and testing. Colors with ?? are hypotheses and need to be tested.

Color Outline

The colored outline is NOT genetic. It is a special feature available to certain versions.

  • Blue outline - Pastel Meets
  • Red outline - Fantasy Meets / Wonder Garden On

Additional Notes

  • Color occurrence probability remains unknown at this time, further testing is required.
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