Cometchi (すいせいっち Suiseitchi) is a Gaiatchi character that debuted in Tamagotchi: The Movie.


Cometchi is round with a yellow and gold body, with three trails following in its wake of light blue, yellow, and pink. It has two white wings on either side of its body, sparkling eyes with long eyelashes, and a pink beak. It wears a bowler hat with a window on the front; under the hat is a seat that can accompany one passenger.


Cometchi travels between The Earth and Tamagotchi Planet, and can give rides to those in need. It's friendly and upbeat, and loves to help however it can.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi On

Cometchi appears on the Fairy, Magic, Pastel, Sweets, Wonder Garden versions as a NPC. When the user has reached the right conditions to unlock Starry Lab, they will see Cometchi outside, who will guide the user's Tamagotchi there. Cometchi may also appear when using the Starry Lab's telescope.

In the Anime

Tamagotchi: The Movie

At the end of the film, when trying to find a way for Tanpopo to return home while the rocket ship is being repaired, Mamehakasetchi is able to track down Cometchi and arrange for it to pick her up. They meet it in a specially designated field, where there are glowing yellow flowers and tall stalks that bend down and become a staircase for Tanpopo to walk on. When Cometchi departs, it leaves a glowing trail of stardust in its wake that can be seen from all across Tamagotchi Town.

Name Origin

Cometchi's English name comes from the English word "Comet". Its Japanese name comes from the word "Suisei" (彗星), the Japanese word for comet.


  • The unique background screen of Tanpopo's Tamagotchi has an image of Cometchi in the center.
  • Despite having a speaking role, no voice actor is listed for Cometchi in both the Japanese and English film credits.
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