For the male teen-stage character of the same name who debuted on the Tamagotchi P's, see Cosmotchi.

Cosmotchi is a male Tamagotchi character who appears exclusively on the Tamagotchi Video Adventures VHS. He was created by Bandai America and has not been used in any Japanese material.


Cosmotchi is much larger than the other Tamagotchi characters. He has a black body with stick arms and legs, and white eyes. His mouth is almost never seen. He wears a purple and green garment with a large green swirl on the front, and a purple helmet with green tubes coming out of it.


Cosmotchi is very friendly and caring to the other Tamagotchis, and he often talks to them in a gentle and fatherly tone. However, he is somewhat afraid of the Great Gotchi and hates it when he yells. He is also a bit clumsy and forgetful. He is curious interested in other worlds, especially The Earth. He has a lot of heart and is touched by the kind spirit of humans.

In Media

Tamagotchi Video Adventures

Cosmotchi is a professor and chief curator of the Tamagotchi Museum. He is also the only Tamagotchi to speak English consistently throughout the cartoon, thanks to a translator Mimitchi turned on at the beginning (breaking the fourth wall). While showing a group of Tamagotchis a tour of objects from other planets on display, he discovers there's no exhibit for The Earth, and tasks them with visiting Earth and bringing back something fitting for the museum. He gives each group a solid gold egg to leave in place of anything they may take. All the while, he watches their progress over a monitor, adding his own commentary as they go.

Upon their return, he tries out all of the different objects brought, but is surprised when Maskutchi brings back only a Popsicle stick. Going back through the video logs, he discovers it was given to him (as a full Popsicle that melted later) by a young human girl after his original contribution, a gumball machine, fell and broke. Touched by the girl's kindness, Cosmotchi sets the stick as the official display for the Earth, and awards Maskutchi a medal for his contribution.


  • Cosmotchi was the only US-made character in the vintage era to not appear on any virtual pets.


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