The Crescent Irukatchi (三日月イルカっち Mikadzuki Irukatchi) is a species of dolphin-like Tamagotchis on Tamagotchi Planet. They normally live in the sea by a tropical island.

In episode 26, one of them mysterious appears in the coast of Dream Town by Enchoutchi's house. Watchlin uses one of her special abilities to translate the Crescent Irukatchi's speech. It is discovered he was migrating with the others of his kind when he heard the sound of Smartotchi's piano and decided to stay, listening to it every night.


Crescent Irukatchis look like blue dolphins with two lighter blue, curvy stripes on their body. They have a yellow star on the side of their face and a yellow crescent-shaped fin on their back.

Name origin

Iruka is Japanese for "dolphin". The word crescent (mikadzuki) is part of their name because of the crescent on their backs.