Currypantchi (カレーパンっち Karēpantchi) is a child stage character that debuted on the Mesutchi and Osutchi.


Currypantchi has an oblong, round, orange body with a wriggling mouth.


Currypantchi doesn't talk much, but when it does, it's usually a cutting remark that goes straight for the heart. Its shape is delicious-looking and slightly bun-like, but it prefers canned food.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Osutchi and Mesutchi

Currypantchi is a TMP2 child that evolves from Kakutchi after 24 hours. If good care is maintained or it started with at least 25% discipline, it will evolve into Pirorirotchi (Osutchi) or Pirorintchi (Mesutchi). With at least three care mistakes, it may evolve into Obotchi/Ojyotchi or Hawainotchi/Hawaikotchi. Currypantchi will only start with zero discipline if it received bad care prior to evolution.

Should TMP degeneration occur due to being neglected, Currypantchi must have at least 75% discipline when it evolves into a teen in order for evolution to Pyonchitchi or Pyonkotchi to be possible - it will make six or seven discipline calls throughout the 48 hours it spends as a child. It loses a heart every 30 minutes, goes to sleep at 8pm and will awaken at 9am.

Name Origin

Currypantchi's name comes from 'curry', and pan (パン) meaning bread. This is because Currypantchi is based on curry bread.

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