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Genders and Appearances:
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Daikutchi (だいくっち) is a male adult Tamagotchi character. He is a woodworker, and Tonkatchi is his partner. His function on the virtual pets he appears on is to remodel the Tamagotchi's house.


Daikutchi has a square-shaped body and light orange skin. He has short, straight black hair and thick black eyebrows. His eyes are small and circular, and he has a pink beak. He wears a white headband, a light-brown haramaki over white pants, and light yellow sandals with black straps. He often carries a double-edged hand saw.


Daikuchi is very skilled at renovating. He is a bit stubborn and takes great pride in his work. He may speak hastily or roughly, but beneath his tough exterior he is actually kind and tender-hearted.

In the Anime

Daikutchi appears as a minor character in Tamagotchi!. He is voiced by Konishi Katsuyuki.

Name Origin

Daiku (だいく) means "carpenter".