Dango Obatchi


Genders and Releases:
Gotchi Ginza District
DangoObatchi sprite

Dango Obatchi (だんごおばっち Dango'obatchi) is a Senior who first appeared on the Chou Yakikuri! Tamagotchi Kakeibo and would later become an obtainable character on the Tamagotchi Music Star.


Dango Obatchi appears as a tall stick with gray hair, two stick arms, two stumpy pink feet, eyes, and a pink beak. Her body is a tan color in her original artwork; however, on Music City, she appears to have a white body to match Rexitchi.


Chou Yakikuri! Tamagotchi Kakeibo

Dango Obatchi first appeared as a banker, and would give stock market reports every day at 13:00.

Tamagotchi Music Star

Dango Obatchi appears as a senior that can be raised from any female adult on even generations.

Anime Appearances

Dango Obatchi makes a brief cameo appearance in Let's Go! Tamagotchi episode 2 (Mametchi's Surprising New Invention?!).

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