Arukotch tamagotchi

A blue Arukotch Tamagotchi

The Deai Hakken!! Arukotch Tamagotchi (であい発見!!あるこっち), but much more commonly referred to as just the Arukotch, was released in Japan in 1999. It is more of a pedometer than a virtual pet unlike most Tamagotchi releases.


The Arukotch focuses mainly on Arukotchi, a shy girl who's waiting for a proposal from a boy. Arukotchi will walk around the screen and automatically count the player's steps. The more steps counted, the more healthy she will become. While walking, Arukotchi can meet many different types of Tamagotchi boys, known as the Gotchi Boys. The boy she meets can give her items to get her attention, such as a love letter or a ring. Once Arukotchi accepts the item, the Gotchi boy will give her his picture. Arukotchi can collect up to 15 pictures total. She can also find items to make herself more attractive while walking, such as make-up or a mobile phone to call Gotchi Boys with.

Shell Designs

The Arukotch comes in three different designs. One is light blue with the words "Deai Hakken!! Arukotch" written in dark blue with dark blue buttons, one is pink with dark pink words on the top and dark pink buttons, and one is white with "Arukotch" written on the top left and bottom right with grey and red hearts on it and red buttons.


Gotchi Boys

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