As seen in Tap and Hatch.

The Devil World (デビル界 Debirukai) is the home to all of the Devils on the Tamagotchi Planet. Its Angel counterpart is the Tenshitchi Capital.

From outside, it resembles a gray, angry cloud that constantly shoots lightning from underneath. From within, it resembles black clouds littered with skulls, tombstones and coffins, with a trail of purple clouds forming a pathway. The sky above is always night. The Devil World is ruled by King Deviltchi from the Devil Castle. Along the edge of the Devil World is Gaikotsu Cape, which has a lighthouse perfect for stargazing.

Like the Angels, the Devils can leave the Devil World, but doing so requires lots of energy, and therefore they cannot stay away from too long. Devils frequently escape to harass and tempt the Angels.

The Devil World can be visited on the Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary Edition.


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